Is Palawan Philippines the World's Best Island?

Is Palawan Philippines the World's Best Island?

Is Palawan Philippines really the world’s best island? Join us as we explore El Nido and kayak through paradise!

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We went on El Nido, Palawan’s tour A and it was breathtaking! The trip took us through Big Lagoon, crystal clear waters of the Philippines, and beautiful islands in the distance! Palawan has been ranked by Travel and Leisure as the World’s Best Island. Does Palawan Philippines live up to the hype? Check out our video and find out!

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45 thoughts on “Is Palawan Philippines the World's Best Island?

  1. BrownBanana says:

    Theres an Island resort called Dos Palmas and i got left behind by their boat going to a beatiful coral reef area they call "Secret Garden" so i Kayaked all the way there. I had sunburns at the end of the day since it took a good amount of time but man, i see so many different colours in there which i havent seen in El Nido. Its totally worth it, and its good cardio. 🙂

  2. Orlando Bangayan says:

    Yeah..!!! You are welcome to my paradise madam,.!!! Oh..!!! You know SALAMAT.?!!! Hehehhh love you both from Cebu City Philippines 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭👍👍👍🌷🌹🌺

  3. Dondon on the mix says:

    proud of you guys… thank you for the very positive feedback about Philippines… we are happy to welcome visitors in our country… Be safe and God bless you both…

  4. Arey Mahusay says:

    Hey!! New sunscriber here. If you are already blown away by El Nido, well you betted pack your things and visit Caramoan Island where The Survivor was shoot and the most exclusive beach resort Amanpulo. Try searching those island in google.

  5. Mommy Ness Vlog says:

    Hey guys, thanks for showing us the beauty of this island.. It's an awesome place indeed..This is one of my bucket list:(..Just want to let u know that you were one of the blogger who has a good content with great cinematography. You're no just talking with sense but were able to show the audience the entire scenes of the place.KEEP IT UP!

  6. root Indonesia says:

    I did'nt know who you are but i really like your videos adventure around world. But your adventure not complete without visit our nation "indonesia", we have wonderfull beach, culture, nature and so many food never your both seen. My country really super beautifull like heaven hehehe.

  7. MIRIKA'S Tale - আমাদের গল্প says:

    Hi guys! We are from Bangladesh… Is the country open for travel now?? Our ticket is on November ..

  8. Dave T-Suise2997 says:

    Just love watching this video. It makes me want to fly over there and do the same thing you’re doing! 😊😄😄👍👍

  9. Jade Munoz says:

    Currently planning a trip here for Feb 2021, it's so beautiful! If you guys haven't been to Honeymoon Beach on St. Johns, US it has a kayak and paddleboard rentals with a view to die for!

  10. abjit18 says:

    Really like the way how you are bonded. Also Daniel is a true gentleman from watching the videos. Never seen him get angry on something. Always with a smile. Bravo

  11. lanzo says:

    oh my goodness i missed that place, i can still hear and smell the sea water, it was a handful when we visited with an 18 month old guy tagging along. One of these days I will convinced my wife to move in my hometown island. 🙂

  12. Kirby Logan says:

    My wife and I spent 4 days in El Nido a few years ago and agree it’s one of the most beautiful places to visit in the world. El Nido on the down side has become a very touristy island and in my opinion a little crowded with all the tours going on at the same time it can become hectic getting around and also the town itself. Still found it enjoyable but the Philippines has many islands not so jammed packed if your looking for less crowded places.

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