Islamabad to Canada – Etihad airways

Islamabad to Canada - Etihad airways

in this video:
Islamabad to Abu Dhabi
Abu Dhabi to London
London to Calgary

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44 thoughts on “Islamabad to Canada – Etihad airways

  1. Syed Ali says:

    Welcome to Canada, try to stay there and don’t even think about crossing the border like most of the desis do. 🥴

  2. The Mission says:

    I had a dream to go to UK london and work there until i get the nationality but my father said don't leave the country instead he helped me start a business and i made such decent money that i went to london for 15 days only for trip to enjoy i mean what i thought and what happened

  3. Kiran Saeed says:

    I always find Rainy weather whenever i m on Transit in UK either Manchester or Heathrow its always rainy

  4. Marcellus R Giovanni says:

    Plane ✈️ looks like it was heading north towards Scotland before hitting the vast ocean across to Canada 🇨🇦 @ 9:26

  5. Hakeem T says:

    Calgary to Pakistan or vice versa is a very long trip. Brutal for families especially young children. Typically, you will have two stop overs, one in Europe and the other in middle east. The only other choice is to fly to Toronto and take direct flight on PIA, but this route is most expensive

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