20 thoughts on “JOALI Maldives 2020 | New Art Luxury Resort in Maldives

  1. CL Kung says:

    Thank you for watching! Don't forget to turn on the CC subtitle to watch this video for detailed description. The Maldives is one of our all-time favorite destinations. The new luxury hotel openings in Maldives always perks our interest. Joali is tiny but with green and mature trees on the island🌴, rather than cut during the construction. The beach in front of main swimming pool is quite wide in places and extends into a long sandbank. It made a good impression on us 😊

  2. Элиза Дамирланова says:

    я не знала что рай на земле бывает. Хоть и платный интересно сколько стоит 1 нелеля?

  3. Basu Tapas says:

    I really enjoyed each and every beautiful part of this fabulous video 😍 You made an excellent effects with your superb video graphy 👍 It was my amazing video tour. Thanks a lot for such relaxing video.

  4. Kamal Parekh says:

    Hi, it's Shamli here…thank you for such a calm tour of this palace… Your camera skills and presentation are azezing….because of that i just connected with it and felt like I am living that moment… thank you so much…. it was really a pleasure watching 🙂


    I worry about Sea water level with global warming…… lets save the world like these beautiful Islands

  6. Metal BroJoe 84 says:

    What a beautiful place for chilling
    Your editing so perfect fit in with the music
    I really love it
    Tell me
    where exactly this maldives located?

  7. nadinmalanin says:

    Thank you for the attitude of the Indian ocean!I wanted to relax there but it was a difficult time to fly ((thank You for the video!

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