Jumeirah Bodrum Palace (Turkey): PHENOMENAL!

Jumeirah Bodrum Palace (Turkey): PHENOMENAL!

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22 thoughts on “Jumeirah Bodrum Palace (Turkey): PHENOMENAL!

  1. Judith Mercer says:

    WOW hotel looks lovely Turkish food is also nice WOW beautiful room luxurious decor scenery is beautiful water blue blue blue. I feel relaxed just looking.Food is displayed amazingly and so clean everywhere. 💐

  2. Murat Aysu says:

    Bu otelin santiyesinde calismistim iskele yapıyorduk geceli gündüzlü 1000 kişi çalışıyordu sanırsam sene 2011 2012 arasiydi

  3. Светлана Жидко says:

    Путин будет надувным кругом. Марш. Кеша. Как рубил…смыл. В бассейне

  4. Светлана Жидко says:

    Слили дизайнеров. Творцу не только. Молча. Рости растениями.

  5. Светлана Жидко says:

    Карамаз…. С топором.. есть не так .. где линию не снял. Порча на опт спирали нет. Одну в чистый род. Занимались порчей есть. Пал а цы…

  6. Vatsala Sampat says:

    Hey doc. Each time I watch your videos, I feel this is ultimate luxury and it is the height of wealth, opulence and elegance. But no. The subsequent video surpasses it in more ways than one. Thank you for making us part of your memorable experiences.
    I couldn't miss the crickets screeching in this one. My observation is that you are a beach person. The steps leading to the beach, the gusty sea wind, the white washed property with gilded work, et al lend a romantic charm to this property. Palm trees are a peculiarity of this hotel. Turkey after all. Exotic and idyllic at the same time. Fell in love with the place.

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