Kenya Airways B787 Dreamliner Business Class from Amsterdam to Nairobi: flying the Pride of Africa!

Kenya Airways B787 Dreamliner Business Class from Amsterdam to Nairobi: flying the Pride of Africa!

Join me on this Business Class trip onboard a Kenya Airways Boeing 787 Dreamliner from Amsterdam to Nairobi. The clip also includes a full tour of the KLM flagship Crown Lounge at Amsterdam.

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41 thoughts on “Kenya Airways B787 Dreamliner Business Class from Amsterdam to Nairobi: flying the Pride of Africa!

  1. G T says:

    Kq customer service in-flight is just out of this world. Mind blowing. Kindly revisit the ticket price to most destinations and take over Africa again.

  2. Omari Joseph says:

    Fairly massive lounge, I guess it has to accommodate all the other airline partners as well. I've never understood why a lounge would have BIG FOOD to be served when you have already paid for your meal on board. I think for anyone going into a lounge you eat & drink with your eyes, and by the time your inflight meal comes your so full..waste. Every time I think of African countries I completely forget those Arab nations at the top. Meal portions were for kids – ridiculous…i would ask for THIRDS

  3. Islandcactus says:

    I flew Kenya Airways as first officer before the Kung flu pandemic. Really steep take off, think I forgot to set flaps to 10, real bumpy flight overall and landed at the wrong damn airport! I’ll never fly with them as long as I’m flying ever again!

  4. AmberPanda says:

    My cousin and I were supposed to fly to Kenya for a safari travelling Kenya Air on 5th August this year. I booked it last August and as we all know coronovirus hit the world. Thanks a lot China.

    We were in business class and the safari was a private one just the two of us.

    I have flown BC on this airline before but my cousin has not. To say I am incandescence with rage is putting it mildly. We are both so bitterly disappointed, like the other millions of people who have had their lives devastated by this horrible disease. Still in lock down which is the correct but it will take years to get the economy back on course. Hoping the travel company will roll our booking over to next year, feel so sorry for the staff in the lodges etc who may lose their jobs because the tourists can no longer travel. Stay safe everyone.

  5. Dragflyer9669 says:

    Wonderful trip report with great music. The business class is quite similar to Royal Brunei Airlines' 787 Business Class. However, I think Kenya Airways's business class passengers especially the one seated at 3rd row will not miss a missing window. Anyway, great trip report. 🙂

  6. D F says:

    I stumbled upon your channel when I was searching for first class experience on planes and I must say I’ve stayed ever since. I absolutely love the smoothness of your videos,great camera work and reviews. At least through your videos I get to catch a glimpse of what the luxury life is like😁😁. Keep doing a great job!!💯👌🏾🥰
    Lots of love from Nairobi, Kenya

  7. Teng says:

    I flew Nairobi – Bangkok round trip, was pretty amazed by their service. Comparing apple to apple, the are way better than Egypt Air and SAA.

  8. Adenya Edd Hudson says:

    Do you always indicate prices for those who are interested in that information. For instance the room or villa prices per night or any valuable information like your 1st class and business class ticket prices. I’ll appreciate the feed back.

  9. Jackie Kinyanjui says:

    Thanks for this video…I'll be flying business class with my toddler on kq dreamliner 784. Look forward to it after watching this

  10. adeni Halisi says:

    Hongereni ndugu zetu wakenya tunawapenda na sisi tumeamka juzi kati Mh Rais Magufuli alipokuja kutuamsha katikati ya usingizi na sisi tumeanza mwendo mdogomdogo!

  11. Carol Tanui says:

    When I went to Dubai. Nairobi to Dubai I went with Kenya airways dreamliner B-787-8 with business class the the pilot decided to go around the palm of Dubai the captain was called Joseph kinuthia

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