London luxury hotel room tour – Shangri-La at The Shard with crazy views

London luxury hotel room tour - Shangri-La at The Shard with crazy views

With what surely must be the best views of London of any luxury hotel, the Shangri-La London, at The Shard( is inside Europe’s tallest building. With amazing Shangri-La service, seriously luxurious accommodations and some great drinking and dining, it’s a perfect place for a London luxury adventure. I spent a few nights in an Iconic City View Room and it had just that, iconic city views of London’s biggest landmarks.

It’s also in a great location, just across the river from the Tower of London and Tower Bridge and with a Tube stop right underneath, it’s easy to get to anywhere in the city within a few minutes.

For a stay in April, this room, called an Iconic City View Room is about $1,200 per night, because of the amazing view and because it’s on a high floor. You can get the same room, looking the other direction for about $700, with a few other options between those prices, based on the size of room, how high a floor and which direction it faces. Suites start at $1,600.

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45 thoughts on “London luxury hotel room tour – Shangri-La at The Shard with crazy views

  1. Tobey Transport says:

    I’ve been to the open air deck up the shard! It’s amazing and you feel so small but you also feel how amazing human creations are. London is massive but yet so tiny in perspective. I love the shard!

  2. Sub pls Pls sub says:

    I went there once I got really expensive champagne I went to the restaurant there was a party for my friends birthday he had champagne as well and we shook the champagne till it exploded

  3. OddPlayz says:

    The skyscrapers he showed on the other side I live in the highest one at the rim and it is great and luxurious but the only reason this hotel is luxury is the building and the location

  4. isa hasham says:

    You should of saw the way I hit in the shard I’m pouring lean and lemonade in shangra la If you don’t know the track then your gay you wet yutes

  5. Anjani Bhonsle says:

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  6. Halloweenville says:

    With all the zoom cameras around nowadays, it's not only on CCTV on every building but peoples phones as-well, the last thing i would want is a room costing that much that has no window shade, it's a known fact that London is one of the most CCTV CAMERA INFESTED cities in the world, you can't go anywhere or do anything unless you are being watched, The Shard maybe the worst place for privacy in the whole of London, This room is gorgeous, but i would have to bring my own net curtains .

  7. mimi love says:

    You should take me one time out for a 24 hour tour of your day I would love it!!! I need to get out for a little while to enjoy life and breathe fresh air

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