Lufthansa A380 First Class Frankfurt to Bangkok (+ First Class Terminal)

Lufthansa A380 First Class Frankfurt to Bangkok (+ First Class Terminal)

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47 thoughts on “Lufthansa A380 First Class Frankfurt to Bangkok (+ First Class Terminal)

  1. O Robinson says:

    Haven't had the means to access the lounges yet but I'm certainly looking forward to it…and thats the Tee!
    I WANT IT NOW!!!!

  2. Marko Belan says:

    "Weiner schnitzel" in First class lounge??!!for that money what you paid , I mean for ticket… They need to give you GOLDEN Eggs from Bull!!And said ,please come next time also!!Next time we will serve you Duck 🦆 wings!!👎

  3. Stefan Kester says:

    that's typical LH, they can't keep up with luxury and service. everything was just a bit of a show but behind the scenes only a cheap first class is offered.

  4. Stefan Kester says:

    a very lousy welcome as a first class guest , too many absolutely terrible loud announcements, and the menu is only average compared to Qatar.

  5. Crystal Marie Dixon says:

    OMG, I love the rubber duck. I have a few rubber ducks, Can I buy something like that one online? Thank you for another awesome video. I have a lot of videos to catch up on so I am trying my best to watch all your videos so that way I don't miss a one. Stay safe my new friend.

  6. Jay Davies-Burrell says:

    I can afford first class on any airline but I honestly prefer flying economy then paying a little extra for a 5* hotel suite. It lasts longer, especially when you are at your final destination for 12-14 days and the flight is over in a matter of hours.

  7. George Kuenzli says:

    Unfortunately, the presentation of the menu and wine menu does not allow to properly read it. I also find that this contribution does not really give a good impression of the flight itself.

  8. Paco San Andres Bukid says:

    I don’t know…if I’m gonna be an elite first class member of an airline, it would have to be an Asian airline. Food comes into mind.

  9. Taylohr Richardson says:

    My favorite lounge is Qatar Airways First Class lounge. Any lounge where I can get a massage, a room to relax, private duty free, and more importantly good food and service!!

  10. rei. sawamura says:

    The lounge is already gorgeous before you board the plane.

    This is enough for me.

    Furthermore, I might not be able to sleep because I'm flying first class and I'm so nervous.

    It was a dream video that will never come true for me.

  11. Daniel Lemay says:

    They should not be considered 5 star. Not using Do&CO like the other airline they own shows how much they want to skim on their product. Food is simply awful…and don’t even ask for special meals in First class…you will be disappointed. Not worth it.

  12. Tjitte Kamminga says:

    I think either BC and FIRST are not very private in Lufthansa! Of course this is not the time for it (or else?), but they should improve…

  13. Dickie Santos says:

    Making reviews of first, business classes are a great idea! Showing people how to do it on a budget is a wonderful niche.

  14. MVE says:

    How much of the food offered in the lounge is thrown away each day? Such a waste. Anyway, the A380 is a great plane and loved by so many passengers for its comforts. Sad it's not made anymore.

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