Lufthansa A380 First Class New Delhi to Frankfurt: Goodbye (for now)!

Lufthansa A380 First Class New Delhi to Frankfurt: Goodbye (for now)!

Join me on this First Class flight onboard a Lufthansa Airbus A380 from New Delhi (India) to Frankfurt (Germany). The clip was recorded a few weeks prior to the Coronavirus outbreak. Since then, Lufthansa has decided to ground its A380 fleet because of the pandemic until at least 2022. The superjumbos will only fly again “if demand picks up” and there’s a chance they may never return to service. Unfortunately, my clip may well be the last trip report onboard Lufthansa’s A380 and a tribute to the carrier’s iconic aircraft.

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34 thoughts on “Lufthansa A380 First Class New Delhi to Frankfurt: Goodbye (for now)!

  1. Lucas Calma says:

    This is one of the main reasons why 2020 was a bad year for all of us. Lufthansa's A380s will be brought back to service when demand suddenly returns; yeah right, I don't think that's happening.

  2. Sudip Choudhury says:

    I travelled on this sector same aircraft and airline. In the rear of this upper deck there are 4/5 rows of Economy, me and my gamily were on the last row with 3 seats. Was the most exciting and privileged trip.
    We had a service crew all to ourselves and since we were in the last row, the flight attendant was a little bit more hospitable to us.

  3. Kushaan Agarwal says:

    An excellent review, covering all details as always. I also really Delhi's T3. Even though I live in Mumbai, I find IGI better due as it is ginormous and has more connectivity to different countries. The terminal itself is spacious, beautifully decorated and has amazing shops and an amazing food court.

  4. Rigby Holmes Field says:

    That A380 looked tired and very old yet you never seem to give us any 'true' review, you just 'show stuff', not helpful in choosing which airline I'd like to fly with. Please, once the world is back to normal, put some passion into your reviews.

  5. LadyDarkB says:

    That's so sad to see the companies had to do this due the outbreak
    My friend works at airport and she said It's sad to see the flight panel empty

  6. Shamim Ehsanul Haque says:

    It will be a tragedy to discover that the A 380s are permanently grounded, and can never again be experienced in their amazing glory, especially with such first class cabin layouts! Your video enables one to taste (maybe at one remove) remarkable opulence and style in flying! In this particular stance I was very impressed by the subtlety, and German penchant for the functional in the interior of the first class. Here the passengers are provided all desirable amenities that Lufthansa's Asian competitors are providing, but there is a Teutonic touch to every experience aboard this aircraft ! The cabin does not feel gaudi or overdone as is the case with some of the Middle eastern or Far Eastern carriers. There is something perceptibly restrained, soft and very modern in the first class of Lufthansa. One encounters here some of the key aspects of the German culture while experiencing the design, layout, colours, and features of the product. This offers the discerning and cultured air traveler the subtext of the German culture embodied in everything that is given to him aboard: from the design scheme to the choice of food! Thank you for sharing this lovely experience with us!

  7. Angel Silva Bonga says:

    Do passengers in first class and business classes keep the headsets and pajamas? Idk the answer to this 🥺

  8. Paal Muruganantham says:

    Okay thanks 🙏 for all 🙏 Great good 💐 and effort into the 🍳 of this post and I hope you have a great way of making your life worth it a lot and I hope that you will find a way out for you soon to get a good feel about it as well and I will be glad to help 👋 you and your family 👪 the ⌚ of your life and your life is going to be the best of luck 🍀 the ⌚ 🙏 by Paal

  9. Steven Jay Thor says:

    I will miss my favorite airliner. I have consistently flown to New Delhi from Miami in Seat 1A. What a wonderful experience. Lufthansa leaves on time and has a wonderful staff. No request is too much. Strangely, I have had the same crew on my last four flights…either going to Delhi or returning from Delhi to Frankfurt to Miami. I have complimented each one of the attendants and even suggested that Lufthansa purchase them a new BMW. And it is fascinating that staffers always remember your name. Hopefully I will be able to fly to India this coming March, 2021 if the cases of Covid-19 mysteriously disappear. I even miss NOT using my red leather Senator Luggage Tags. I LOVE LUFTHANSA. Steven Jay

  10. Stanley Chung says:

    The first time I flew with Lufthansa was on a Frankfurt to Toronto route in premium economy, and I've been dreaming of flying with them again. It was one of the most comfortable flights I had….given I also just had a long flight from Hong Kong and an 8hr stopover overnight from 2am in the Frankfurt airport by myself. Regardless, really friendly staff, food was wonderful, and the experience was unmatched with any other premium economy experience i've had.

  11. 青沼佐清 says:

    Good evening. This is Aonuma. I am the CEO of Emeron Trading, which boasts annual sales of $ 50 million. I think Singapore Airlines is the best first class in the world. I want to save the airline. All of our profits will be donated to the aviation industry, so could you please recruit investors for us? I will contact you again.

  12. tyta1 says:

    It's so sad to see these birds go out of service, even if just temporarily. I had the opportunity to fly on one (HAM – PEK) in Business Class nearly ten years ago, while I was working at LH as ground staff. Still hoping to do it again one day (fly on an A380, that is).

  13. firecracker2009 says:

    Never flown Lufthansa first class but have done so on Etihad and Qatar. Lufthansa should have customized their planes with little cabins instead of being wide open. That's one thing I hate about flying is being in everyone's face for the duration of the flight.

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