LUX* Le Morne Resort, Mauritius

LUX* Le Morne Resort, Mauritius

LUX* Le Morne luxury Resort on the Le Morne Peninsula, Mauritius. Located at the foot of Le Morne Brabant Mountain, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A walk round – my room, gardens and beach, lobby and views of the mountain. Lovely beach and a lovely Resort.



13 thoughts on “LUX* Le Morne Resort, Mauritius

  1. creative nails & hair says:

    Hi, nice video…can I ask something?
    Nobody is swimming in the ocean… exept for a couple of people… was it cold?
    When were you there?
    We want to go there in june but I'm hesitating because of the weather and water temperature…

  2. Mag Dz says:

    Hi, could you please tell me what room you stayed at? we are staying at this hotel soon and have a superior room. We are looking to request the room before the arrival. What would you recommend? thanks

  3. Roger Knight says:

    Just returned from Mauritius…. We stayed at this hotel…. It is by far the best holiday we have had in terms of natural beauty and hotel experience….I've stayed in hotels all around the world but Lux Let Morne has left the biggest impression on my wife and I….The attention to detail and the attentiveness of the staff are top class….. The Brabant mountain backdrop is to die for….. We climbed it to the top……oh what an experience that was….. will be returning here for our anniversary without a doubt……
    Thank you for your video…. It helped us decide which hotel to choose……we instantly fell in love with what we saw….

  4. Helen Me says:

    Hi! Can you consult me please about the hotel? Have you been on all inclusive? What about the food in the hotel? Fruits and seafood?

  5. Nina Nana says:

    Breathtaking views amaizing video! amaizing hotel and nice sunset! thax for your efforts of making nice videos ♡♡♡

  6. Lee Claxton says:

    Great hotel Raj, yet another trip to Mauritius eh? I love the extensive gardens here at LUX. The views from your balcony were great! On another note, have you tried Andaz Singapore? I ask as I am staying there in October on my way to Bali… You usually always beat me to new openings! 😉

  7. Joe Wlos says:

    MrK just sat down in my office and simultaneously saw you posted this video and an instagram photo of under water waterfall of Mauritius , cool ! Great video, Cheers!

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