Maia Luxury Resort & Spa (Seychelles): review & impressions

Maia Luxury Resort & Spa (Seychelles): review & impressions

You can read my review of Maia Luxury Resort & Spa here:

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41 thoughts on “Maia Luxury Resort & Spa (Seychelles): review & impressions

  1. vinodh devaraj says:

    The Maia Luxury Resort and Spa is truly a Luxury Resort with all sorts of Amenities and activities with Wonderful Pool Deck and amazing beaches

  2. Gary Scott says:

    You cure insomnia !! It's my go to channel if I need to relax and just dream !! That aside I don't fall asleep straight away I indulge myself in these places !! It's like total relaxation therapy!! I was cabin crew long haul so I'm travelled but this is in another embodiment altogether !! Keep the videos coming!!

  3. jan smith says:

    And that Folks is how you build an unbelievable, jaw dropping, over the top, amazing hotel. WOW!!! 👏💞🍀🌴🍹🌺🌊😱

    Congratulations to the design & builder team…you out did yourself on this amazing project!!

  4. Rose Pelzel says:

    I like this over the Maldives….understated, not trying too hard, perhaps. Manageable size. And the sound of small children laughing and playing in the water…as it should be.

  5. The unofficial Queen Mary Video Channel says:

    I just love your video! It's like having a little vacation at home. An oasis of peace away from the hectic world. Professional camera handling with smooth turns and spectacular views of the ocean and the resort. The music is great too and fits perfectly with your video. May I ask you for the song title/artist, used for the bungalow sequence (time mark 14:4017:02)? Thank you very much and I'm looking forward to seeing many more video reviews & impressions of you.

  6. Ruelon Outfront says:

    Beautifully done. I’m watching this for the third time on a rainy Sunday morning. Talking would have ruined the vibe of this video. It’s just something you have to experience and get lost in a trance of beauty. Thank you for sharing. I’m late to this channel but I am now a subscriber.

  7. EasternGE1[μησ™] says:

    Very beautiful video! I am coming to Seychelles on December, but I can't definitely afford such an insane resorts. I will stay 2 nights in Constance Ephelia or Kempinski resort and rest in some cheaper villas 🙂

  8. Acacia says:

    Hope you got the opportunity to tour the island and interact with the locals. As beautiful as the resorts are, there is so much more to see on Mahe. It's a first class experience just to drive around and really see the island or to go climbing in the mountains.

  9. Dee Zak says:

    We love your videos of these fantastic locations! You create something peaceful and relaxing while showing us that something like this is achievable. Thank you!

  10. Andy Budd says:

    Any chance of you telling us what sort of wildlife including birds that can be found around these hotels and resorts in the different places that you travel to as I'm very interested in these things many thanks and I really enjoy all your videos.

  11. schönes Land says:

    Wow…a very beautiful resort! The villa that you have chosen is perfect and fits my category. Thanks for uploading this video. Through your videos i can relax very well after working all day 😊

  12. tiffany hall says:

    I love this. I've just added it to my bucket list. The perfect place for me and my future husband. Thank you. Your work is amazing.

  13. Indra Hermanto Adi says:

    Hi, is there any review video for Bali resort or hotel?
    By the way, your video make me feel like already be there, awesome 🙂

  14. Julie H says:

    I've been experiencing quite a bit of anxiety recently. Your videos are just the ticket. I wind down by them in the evenings, and hop on during the day to relax. I almost feel I'm there, which is truly the next best thing. If we can get away, I believe your videos will be influencing us. Beautifully done. Thank you for sharing with us.

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