Most Luxurious Flight – The Residence by Etihad A380 Abu Dhabi to Paris

Join me onboard Etihad Airways A380 flight in The Residence from Abu Dhabi to Paris. Sample the most luxurious way to travel in the commercial aviation.

I was so impressed and blown away by my first Residence flight last December so I decided to do a much longer flight to Paris, with my favorite butler Leanne and other cabin crew.

Watch the video to experience the most exclusive and luxurious commercial flight in the world.

Thanks to Etihad Airways for filming my journey in The Residence. My flight and opinion is NOT sponsored by Etihad. (Etihad videographer just filmed my flight)

Blog review and more pictures can be found in the link below:

In case you missed my first Residence flight, you can view it here:


Join us for the most incredible, first class in-flight experience you will likely ever see, taken in absolute and astounding luxury from start to finish aboard the inaugural Etihad Airways flight from Abu Dhabi to Paris on board the A380 super jumbo jet in Etihad’s The Residence suite.

The heavenly aviation luxury starts even before arrival at the airport, with Etihad’s tailored and exquisite VIP travel concierge and chauffer service to the airport in a sleek and professional looking saloon Audi.

When we arrive, the red carpet is well and truly rolled out for us as we are greeted by our very own, personal assistant at an exclusive and private entrance to Abu Dhabi airport and taken to the first class lounge and spa to await our flight – this is the Etihad airways residence on the ground. We don’t have to do a thing as a whole group of attendants fuss around us in the background, even collecting our luggage and bringing it in for us.

As we enter the Etihad airways first class lounge, we are greeted by our very own personal and professional butler (trained at the Savoy hotel, London) to facilitate our every need within the sumptuous and spacious home-from-home lounge area. Our butler outlines the fabulous food and drink available, including great and imaginative mocktails with aviation inspired names. Within the first class spa, we enjoy a professional French style shave (our destination was Paris after all!) before dining on artistic and extremely well presented food prepared by our own personal chef including one very tasty lobster!

To top it all off, and to round off the meal and relax us before departure, we enjoy a specially selected and curated cigar in our own dedicated and furnished smoking room, prepared and lit for us by our butler.

Already, we have been treated like royalty but this is only the beginning – now it’s time for the flight! After boarding the A380 and being warmly greeted by all the staff, we enjoy a tour of the whole aeroplane, taking in and briefly examining the Etihad economy and business class studio sections, as well as seeing the dedicated bar and food preparation areas. The abundant space of the Airbus A380 aeroplane affords even a very pleasant and enjoyable experience in economy class.

Once we’ve spoken with the Etihad airways pilots and seen the cockpit of the A380, it is finally time to be taken to our private, three room suite in the sky, the Etihad residence. It is an astonishing, self-contained unit with large sliding doors and split in to a luxurious lounge/living room area, private bathroom and bedroom.

The living room is complete with a full set of touch screen controls, mini bar and 32 inch television and it made for an extremely comfortable and pleasant environment to relax and also interact with the cabin crew.

We are able to get a great night’s sleep in our very own double bed, covered in specially made, luxurious Italian linen and the breakfast in bed, prepared by our very own in-flight personal chef and served by our personal butler, makes for a very pleasing start to the day before we take the opportunity to freshen up in our full size shower and slip in to a super soft, personally initialled bath robe!
Nothing is left to chance and everything you could think or dream of is taken care of – there’s even a professional shoe shining service available – the whole experience makes the journey an absolute joy and allows you to arrive at your destination fully refreshed and completely ready to conduct your business.

The Etihad residence is the only three room suite on board a commercial airline and can comfortably cater for an individual or a couple. It is a wonder to behold and we really hope you enjoyed this magnificent experience with us – let us know in the comments what you thought and how you might choose to spend your time in Etihad’s residence!



42 thoughts on “Most Luxurious Flight – The Residence by Etihad A380 Abu Dhabi to Paris

  1. SOLOMON C says:

    ETIHAD ❤️❤️❤️ is an flying paradise 💙💙💙💙💙🔥🔥💙💙💙💙💙💙🙏🙏🙏 no words to describe his beauty 🙏💙💐 ETIHAD Air craft is an INCREDIBLE HULK 🙏🙏❤️ BY SOLOMON C👍

  2. Janis Krumins says:

    The best flight ever and the best girl-Leanne attendant in the world of airplane business!

    She(Leanne) is really the best! I have more than 250 flights around the world and I know what I speak! Greetings from the Latvia Republic!

  3. Murat Aydin says:


  4. Susan Haroutounian says:

    Awwwww mr Sam I’ve watched you fly with this airline-personal-carer I don’t know her title without being disrespectful
    But anyway I’ve watched her care and be by your side on many many flights ::: I don’t know her reason for leaving her lifelong career but it’s her gain and every airlines loss 🤨

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