42 thoughts on “My Emirates A380 First Class Experience

  1. Austin Allison says:

    Thats pretty cool dude. Not hating but If you want true first class check out Donald Trumps private 757. A tour of his air palace is on youtube.

  2. good boi Framara says:

    Why they put shower on the plane a380 in the business class and too many amenities! That it only flies for 16 to 18 hours, that is not too long to travel! You know im a rich guy but i don't need that. I only need food and bathroom to put out on my dirty on the important thing in the bathroom. I travelled many times and i never used the amenities inside the business class. I only use bathroom nor to brush my teeth. I brush my teethwhen i get to the airport building.

  3. Deshune Morrison says:

    Lol, nice choice of song, well suited to the video but it would have been good if you was to have a larger amount of songs on this video rather than just rolling in the deep and the sounds of the plane playing repetitively and continuously. Maybe put in skyfall for the landing scenes. Other that that, great video. Glad for you for getting into first class. This has helped me for my choice of airline.

  4. padwtf says:

    How many times are you going to play that garbage piece of shit. Motherfucking song? I can not even watch the video because it's driving me crazy I'm going to go swallow a bottle of Advil now

  5. Marco B says:

    It's awesone; a ticket to new york from milan a/r in economy class cost 650 euro, in buisness class 2250 euro and in first class 5430 euro the same plane. BOH 0_0

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