NORTH ISLAND SEYCHELLES, the world's most exclusive hotel (PHENOMENAL!)

NORTH ISLAND SEYCHELLES, the world's most exclusive hotel (PHENOMENAL!)

Read my review (pros & cons) of North Island Seychelles here:

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27 thoughts on “NORTH ISLAND SEYCHELLES, the world's most exclusive hotel (PHENOMENAL!)

  1. fluffyfour says:

    Gutted to note this has now been taken over by Marriott – they're even offering board options – as if one can pop out to the shops to get a sarnie! One more wonderful independent gets swallowed up by Corporate America. Not a place I would visit now, not even a dream any more.

  2. cyrus gakuo says:

    This is great and leaves me with a lot of imagination. Is it possible to add voice narration to such an epic vid? Might work better

  3. moritz szielasko says:

    the "shizziling noise" when the waves draw back from the coast… is like … ok now i archieft full happynes. No stress in this few minutes. no Haste, no yelling "do this do that" , just be myself with this island and smile that i have the chance to get there sometimes in my life…. the maingoal in my life will be from now on: YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS !! YOU HAVE TO SENSE THAT!… goddamn this island chatches me so hard ;(

  4. High Frequency says:

    Hey friends 😀 If anybody is going there and wants some company I am available! 🧔I am a very good friend and a loving person 🤠💖 See you soon! 🏖️

  5. Came to change my username - can't think of one. says:

    I'm sitting here fantasising about travelling to see such beauty, meanwhile my dog just peed on my rug. 😩

  6. Nanna Redmi says:

    Truly mesmerising, boy oh boy…. You are my true soulmate 🙂. Man thank you for taking us to this God blessed blue Paradise.

  7. Vatsala Sampat says:

    Hi. This video has been so beautifully shot by you. I love the way you have captured the sound of the waves lapping against the shores. You even capture the minutest sound in the stillness of the air. This place is irresistible.

  8. Cezare Vertucio says:

    Are all villas have airconditioning ? I thought i have seen all in maldives but this island is a jaw dropping …i love all your videos 👍😊

  9. Anton Vedel says:

    So this is where someone like Amal and George Clooney went for their honeymoon…. what a life! OP: This video shows a truly breathtaking place (literally, I was a bit short of breath). I have never seen such a perfectly pristine place on earth. Thank you so much for sharing such high quality videos.

  10. France Côté says:

    IT was the better place and beach that I ever Seen with you…thank you very Much for this Escape…IT was more than candy to my eyes…🌹🌈😊

  11. Ellen Brinks says:

    I appreciate your impeccable videos! They are perfect; such a pleasure to watch. And your music choice is always wonderful. Is it possible to include the music reference in your videos? Thank you for your wonderful creations!

  12. A Quick Story says:

    the most "exclusive things" are the ones the local people enjoyed before the arrival of europeans. we kill the natives then we call it discovery. sun sea sand wood peace trees wind shade fruits calm waves. then a loaded ship arrives with guns and demands.

  13. Hanini Laura says:

    Beautiful…Great camera work…Thank God you you were able to experence this…he gives so many of us Gifts…we need to be very humble and very grateful. thanks for sharing..

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