Norwegian Airlines Premium Class Review: Trip Report

Norwegian Airlines Premium Class Review: Trip Report

I flew Norwegian Premium Class from Chicago O’Hare to London this month. Even though this is an low-cost airline, I was impressed with the value, services and amenities included for the reasonable price charged when I upgraded by ticket.

Essentially, for the price of an Economy Class ticket on another carrier, I enjoyed a Business Class-type experience including:
– Priority check-in
– Priority screening
– Extra baggage allowance
– Comfortable, reclining seat with plenty of leg room (does not lie flat like a bed)
– Lounge access (London only; O’Hare doesn’t have a lounge but they do comp you $20 for food/drink)
– Priority boarding
– Premium class cabin
– Two meals, snacks and drinks
– Friendly service
– Priority deplaning

A word of caution, they did change our arrival and departure times from when when we booked to when we actually departed. I was flexible so this wasn’t a problem for me but could pose challenges if I was traveling for business or had another tour/flight/etc. to catch.

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14 thoughts on “Norwegian Airlines Premium Class Review: Trip Report

  1. Simon Davey says:

    Have you flown any of the other low cost trans Atlantic carriers? How does Norwegian compare and which would you choose?

  2. Zeee Man says:

    Thank you very much for the presentation ! Flying from Newark to Barcelona this summer, looking forward to it after your video.

  3. Lynn S says:

    I'm looking at booking premium online for two of us so want to get seats together. I don't see on their website where you actually can see available seats. Can you help?

  4. Cristina Randall says:

    Thank you – I will be travel on Norwegian Airlines from Los Angeles to Madrid and back from Barcelona to Los Angeles on Premium Economy and your video was very useful. Cheers!!

  5. Zachary Glenn says:

    Thanks for your helpful video. Does the headrest move vertically? I"m tall with broad shoulders, and I wanted to ensure that the headrest goes up so it wouldn't dig into my back! Thanks.

  6. claus stimpfig says:

    thank you. meal presentation is revolting.. where was the champagne? For sure thats better then cattle class but still no choice for me

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