Norwegian Airlines Premium economy cabin, which they call Premium class and is often sold as Norwegian Business class on some websites.

Norwegian premium class Boeing 787 review
Flying Norwegian airlines PREMIUM CABIN to Bangkok on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

Norwegian business class is much like a premium economy product on most other airlines, but they offer great prices.

This is a full look at Norwegian airlines premium economy flying from Copenhagen to Bangkok, including the lounge you can use at CPH.

Join me in the sky as I enjoy Norwegian Airlines PREMIUM CABIN.
I was sitting in Seat 1A. Norwegian have 32 premium seats on their 787-8’s and 35 seats on the 787-9’s.

This is a full trip report on Norwegian Airlines featuring ground and airport services, airport lounges, cabin experience, airplane dining, boarding, takeoff and landing.

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Norwegian Airlines Flight DY7209
Depart: Copenhagen (CPH)
Arrive: Bangkok (BKK)
STD: 2:50pm (ADP: 6:29pm)
STA: 6:50am (+1) (ATA: 10:19am) (+1)
Aircraft: Boeing 787-800
FF: 3rd Aug 2013 (3.1 YR OLD)
Deliv: 25th Aug 2013 (3.1 YR IN SERVICE)
Seat: 1A
Flight Time: 10h 50M
Meal Service: Dinner & Breakfast

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41 thoughts on “Norwegian BUSINESS CLASS (PREMIUM CLASS) Boeing 787

  1. Caro papa says:

    Love the take offs and the landings especially during day flights, i get to see some of the countryside of different countries

  2. Lýkìá says:

    is norwegian norway's airline or britian's airline cause some people say britian's someone say norway's which one is correct

  3. Aero Mundos says:

    So you only get food and drinks for free during meal time? If you would like a cola or any other kind of drink afterwards you still have to pay for it in premium? Nice report.

  4. Peter Yeong says:

    Oh BA! They have not changed their seating in Biz Class(Club World) in 14 years!! If I want a window seat, I fly facing backwards.Also your seat mate (facing forwards ) is in your face– very disconcerting. Otherwise, I love BA. Good food, service. EK wins hands down.

  5. Peter Yeong says:

    Hi. Just to say I do enjoy your vids (AS with Paul's). Used to fly HKG-ORD-ATL 3 times a year.UA biz class . Also LH or LX to Zurich 2 A year. The points ? OF course I collect for upgrade. But 10 years ago, the diff between 1st and biz vs cattle class was not as marked as today. (Biz ; that's where the mpney is!

  6. Simon Loughlin says:

    Nice Video. I am flying "Norwegian Business Class" in December from Gatwick to New York, i have heard a lot of complaints of delays, having to swap airlines (Euro Air, Wamos ) as Norwegian dont have enough planes to fulfil commitments ? Hopefully my trip will go as planned and i suppose for what your paying its potentially a good deal. Has anyone had any experience with the substitute airlines or how they handle delays ?

  7. homer3152 says:

    So nice as usual..but I gave up watching it during the lounge review..niice cam..but identical 3 accords for minutes totally nerved me..

  8. Kim Mowrey says:

    I wish you'd shown the seat, seat functions, personal space, etc. I don't care about the food but I do care about the comfort.

  9. Brendan Berkhout's Travel Videos says:

    Hi WITTW!
    Another fantastic report you made here on Norwegian's premium class. Will be flying OSL-JFK in September and am definitely looking forward to it 🙂 The food looks quite nice, especially dinner. Shame about the delay (which seems to plague them quite a bit), but i guess it can happen on any airline

    thanks again


  10. claus stimpfig says:

    when he is travelling the  world reports are always outstanding…

    positive. premium check-in, access to lounge( thank you for showing the aviator? lounge at CPH)
    good legroom on board

    negative: MEALS o.m.g.!!!  You`ve been lucky, steak was cooked well as you have mentioned it. but the presentation the plastic fork and knife the cups and "glasses"…Now a question do they serve champagne, not sparkling wine free of charge in Premium???Do you have to pay for any alcoholic  beverages "in between meal times?"

    You cant get tis info on their website….

    how was the attitude by the cabincrew?

    To me very interessting is the new "Business light" project by Emirates…to replace to buy Premium on Norwegian…

    Thank you

  11. 19bootsy68 says:

    A very nice TR James. I've seen on Skyscanners premium shows up as business. When I've ever priced Norwegian up to Bangkok I've found not a massive difference between them and business from AMS.

  12. Yannis Moutafis says:

    I believe Norwegian has a good service concerning the ticket price compared with other same type airliners.Great flight report.

  13. WD Harris says:

    For Premium class the food and service didn't look all that great……anyway thanks for posting…..greetings from Orlando

  14. Paul P says:

    Norwegian, the best airline ever. The seat you get for 400 pounds is amazing 😀 😀 Let the idiots who criticize the premium class fly economy with a regular airline for like 600-800 pounds one way :)) … I'll stick with Norwegian :D.

  15. JimBear of Baltimore says:

    Ok. James, I know I've been kind of critical about all the music in some of your vids, but this one pushed the right button right on time! Pretty please with clotted cream and your favorite jam on top, share the playlist?

  16. Francis Bagbey says:

    Nice video but as others have commented, the food looked poor even though you said it was ok. Yes, nothing "premium" about this class of service.

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