OBEROI UDAIVILAS: best luxury hotel in India (phenomenal!)

OBEROI UDAIVILAS: best luxury hotel in India (phenomenal!)

Join me on a full tour of The Oberoi Udaivilas, the most amazing five star resort in India. The property is spread over 50 acres on the banks of Udaipur’s Lake Pichola, on the 200-year-old hunting grounds of the Maharana of Mewar.

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Read my review (with pros & cons) of this hotel on my travel blog: https://theluxurytravelexpert.com/2020/07/29/review-oberoi-udaivilas/

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22 thoughts on “OBEROI UDAIVILAS: best luxury hotel in India (phenomenal!)

  1. nandish patel says:

    This is already in my bucket list. while watching this video (very beautifully created) I can see me and my family staying in this hotel for weeks.

  2. Varuna Bhandari says:

    Why people have myth that only mugals had and created good architecture in India actually idus valley civilisation proves that India was capable of buildings and developing their architecture since the era of harrrapan civilisation period. Afterward here in India whole rajasthan rajpoot forts and architecture of South Indian temples are mind blowing. And hello this is not moorie or मुगल architect correct it in your diary. You are advertising wrong information by this vedio. Just think yourself you are telling us 1500 old dynasty then how come this is a mugal architecture..

  3. Sujeet Sharma says:

    बहुत शानदार होटल है देश के
    मेरा भारत महान…

  4. Mazharul Haque says:

    Mesmerizing expression of Indian architectural ingenuity gave this property an endless dimension! (Btw, the video is made unnecessarily too long which some viewers might find annoying.)

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