PALAWAN, PHILIPPINES | The Best Island in the World

PALAWAN, PHILIPPINES | The Best Island in the World

Palawan, is hidden piece of paradise that was named The Best Island In The World in the Travel + Leisure World’s Best Awards (2016). A sliver of an island that teems with exotic wildlife, quaint fishing villages, beautiful white beaches and crystal clear waters.

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Drone –
Big Camera –
GoPro (The BEST) –
Small Camera (Great for vlogging) –
“Action” Camera –
Microphone –
Bag (Best quality. Love it!) –


Mo Vibez X Creepa – DR777





31 thoughts on “PALAWAN, PHILIPPINES | The Best Island in the World

  1. Froi and Geri - Hong Kong Travel Guide says:

    I loooooove Palawan! Coron is defo my #1 favorite place in the world! Glad to find another travel vlog. We just subscribed. Hope you'd sub back. 🙂

  2. joe bruhin says:

    Thanks for uploading, i fell in love with Palawan 5 years ago….did you travel to other parts of the Philippines? The planet is getting so populated…..where di u like best? Be safe my friends!

  3. Feel Good Lost TRAVEL says:

    Really cool edit for this video 🙂 Loved it! The views are stunning here. Looks like you found some good snorkelling spots too!!

  4. Skyelines and Sunsets says:

    I need to get my a Drone the shots you got were top notch also what camera did you use for your under water shots was so clear 😀

  5. Rob's Quest says:

    Love the drone footage! I considered to go to Philippines but decided for bali, if I had watched this Video earlier the choice would be harder 😀

  6. Bang's Bucket List says:

    I love watching drone shots of the Philippines. It brings out the real beauty of my country. Cool sand bar! Which part of Palawan was it? It's a shame that I'm a Filipino and I've never been to Palawan. Hopefully this year

  7. Kevin Cho says:

    Lovely travel videos, just subbed, I love watching travel vlogs, especially ones in asia, please check out my channel as well!

  8. Laugh Travel Eat says:

    So amazing footage – I have heard great things about Palawan but it looks more gorgeous than I anticipated – jealous that you guys saw a turtle!

  9. Sam Was Here says:

    Wow guys! That was amazing!!!! When did you get a drone!??? The shots were beautiful! You've got us buzzing for our trip!!!

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