Park Hyatt Shanghai: inside the world's 2nd highest hotel (+ review)

Park Hyatt Shanghai inside the world39s 2nd highest hotel

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20 thoughts on “Park Hyatt Shanghai: inside the world's 2nd highest hotel (+ review)

  1. Ganxk Money says:

    boring hotel tbh stayed here for 4 nights, real expensive for what you get. esp afternoon tea and the 5-8pm snack time (hyatt club) . grand hyatt or hyatt on the bund is better tbh in terms of value

  2. Jinjiyoshi says:

    As a farm boy who grew up in a small town in Arkansas, I'd love to visit this hotel for a few nights and just look at the amazing view of the city nightlife! I've always wanted to move to a huge metropolitan city like Tokyo, Hong Kong, or Beijing XD.

  3. IAI8311 says:

    amazing review and reviews as usual. Loved your feature on the Shangri La Doha, followed your review to tailor my stay as well 😁. Would you pls do one on the Four Seasons Shanghai Pudong soon?

  4. Emmanuel Malek says:

    Decadent and beautiful , that's how hotels in this price range should b. Just the view it's worth every penny. Great video.

  5. Nassir Sabri says:

    Would you rather go to the park hyatt or the mandarin oriental or The Peninsula in Shanghai ?
    and what do you think is the best hotel in Shanghai?

  6. Marcus LeeP says:

    The room was very nice. I like the bathroom, the bed and what seems it could be a chaise lounge by the window!!! That was nice. Everytime I've had a lay-over in a new city, I always check to see what the hotel has to offer. Yes, I am a former Purser Flight Attendant. Thanks..

  7. Nigel Midnight says:

    Yeah this hotel is nice, i once checked out the diplomat suite room, its extremely spacious and luxurious, costs us$2000+ a night, but just fortunate my sis works at foreign affairs and get embassy staff discount
    The shanghai skyline from the diplomat suite is excellent at night.

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