PHILIPPINES ISLAND PARADISE – Coron Palawan Private Island Hopping

PHILIPPINES ISLAND PARADISE Coron Palawan Private Island Hopping

Coron Palawan is truly a Philippines Island Paradise! We explored Coron Island and flew the drone at Kayangan Lake and Twin Lagoon. It was the most beautiful place in the world. Travel & Leisure magazine rated Palawan the Best Island in the World for 2017 and we couldn’t agree more. We hope you enjoy our second Philippines travel vlog and stick around for many more videos across the Philippines!

Island Hopping Tour: We rented a private bangka boat and took a private island hopping tour to visit 6 island destinations in Coron including Siete Picados, Kayangan Lake, Barracuda Lake, Twin Lagoon, Skeleton Wreck, and Atwayan Beach.


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48 thoughts on “PHILIPPINES ISLAND PARADISE – Coron Palawan Private Island Hopping

  1. Fishing Buddy *PH* says:

    Fantastic vlog, guys! One of the best vlogs I've ever seen of Coron, and I've seen many. The drone shots were Epic and the cinematic….awesome! Love the genuine reactions and the excitement in your faces. I hope you guys are here for awhile, because there are over 7,000 islands that makes up this Paradise. Many more places to explore! Welcome to my country, Welcome to the Philippines! Mabuhay! Take care, have fun and safe travels!

  2. herson baltazar says:

    Yes… Guys you did The Best footage of the KAYANGAN enchanted lake we proud of in our islands Just enjoy your stay in our Paradise.. keep safe.!!

  3. Pia Cash says:

    WOW I just stumbled upon ur videos guys, been watching you on my big screen Television so I can see the whole footages of the Island …. Man that drones shot is sick , amazing cinematography you captured the beautiful limestones n Lake absolutely beautiful 👍👌👍👌👌👍👍

  4. Deadly Athena says:

    I love travelling too By the way im just 13 😝 when i grow up i’d love to be like you guys , you both are amazing 😚

  5. Mayet's Lutong Bahay says:

    Hello dear! I'm having fun watching your amazing & very exciting travel videos. Thanks for featuring my beloved country! It's more fun in the🇵🇭Sending love & support. Keep safe & God bless!👍👌😊❤💕

  6. Gany Meade says:

    Gorgeous place. The water is an incredibly beautiful and deep shade of aqua blue green. Love the spirited island animals. The dogs are nice. The proud rooster is gorgeous. If I go, I'll bring 100 Shade Sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses, a 1 piece bathing suit, and wear a cover up at all other times. Sun poisoning is no fun. Soaking for a while in ice cold bathwater helps. If you get it bad, you will feel that sunburn for years. Take care.

  7. Edgar says:

    Hello, wonderful video, It's so lovely there, definitely subscribed to your channel, I wanted to ask, how did you rent the private Bangka boat for the private tour? Did you book it online, how did you go about it? Thanks.

  8. 최찬두choi chan doo says:

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  9. antonio47291 says:

    can’t wait to see it hopefully before the year ends(2020)nice video n everything😍what camera are you using for video?maybe also the drone🙂everything is spectacular🤓

  10. plantdemic by yan-yan says:

    Please try calaguas island or hinatuan enchanted river or even BATANES ISLAND lets see how these places will blow ur mind….

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