Punta Cana – Dominican Republic Travel Advice/HONEST Review || iam_marwa

Punta Cana - Dominican Republic Travel Advice/HONEST Review || iam_marwa

Punta Cana – Dominican Republic , Travel Advice tips.
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35 thoughts on “Punta Cana – Dominican Republic Travel Advice/HONEST Review || iam_marwa

  1. dominikankid2011 says:

    Hey man first off im dominican but raised in usa. Thanks for visiting D.R. what you see there is only for tourists/visitors. YES all those girls are only there to enjoy their moment and also love money but to consider D.R. as a whole where you cant find a decent girlfriend is not true at all. Dominican woman are households love cooking, raising your children, cleaning and are their husband best loyal friend. They are proud ladies which most wont cheat if you treat them right because everybody knows everybody there and they dont damage their reputation. If they cheat they will be considered prostitutes by everyone even their own family will be ashamed. In other words, you have to know someone to take you outside of tourism and visit their towns or cities. Still lots of beautiful girls but very prideful and marriage material. They take care of you like no other. Shout out to other latin ladies, they all beautiful.

  2. Maple007 says:

    I have been to Thailand 3 times now. Can anyone here tell me what Dominic republic is like in comparison to Thailand?
    Should I go to Dominican Republic ?

  3. Elizabeth Gonzalez says:

    My culture has changed soo much.
    Now all you hear is “Dembo “ everywhere you go. It’s violent sexualized perverted music.
    The younger generation is doing away with Bachata and merengue… passionate soul music. It’s sad.

  4. Steven Rogers says:

    Marwa you need to work on your recording techniques when you recording people its not smooth its almost like its a child holding the camera, you moving the camera too fast and your hand its not steady it really looks like an amateur and by the time your audience is trying to focus on the video you already cut to another clip almost feels like you too scared to record people… If you want to make good vlog you need to be like this guy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=upUtu80c6W4 watch his techniques when is recording people its smooth and professional.

  5. Juan Zapata says:

    This going to the haters,
    Dominican Republic is a small ten millions inhabitants,
    For some reason six millions tourists visit the country
    Every year. Think about it
    Do the math.

  6. Brandon Lee says:

    Cute girl at 4:18 …. she's a "working girl", right? How much do you think she charges for some overnight bedroom fun? I would like to check out Punta Cana one of these days. I've already been to Bangkok, Pattaya, Manila and Angeles City in the Philippines. I think its time to sample some Latinas!

  7. Corey Powell says:

    Everyone with any fkn brains knows DR is where you go to fk a Spanish girl for 2cents, sniff coke and eat for 2dollars a day, period. Only a tired ass fool will go their and think those bitches love you. Only a hard up idiot will go there

  8. Mister Methuselah says:

    You're a black man, best place for black man to find a wife is Germany or Scandinavia. The women love black men there. BBC.

  9. Sunset Paddy says:

    every man who knocks on the door of a brothel is really seeking God. (attributed to GK Chesterton, but he did not really say it.)

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