Qatar Airways A380 First Class Doha to Paris (+Al Safwa lounge)

Qatar Airways A380 First Class Doha to Paris (+Al Safwa lounge)

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36 thoughts on “Qatar Airways A380 First Class Doha to Paris (+Al Safwa lounge)

  1. Nafee Karim says:

    The first airline that I got upgraded to business class 🇶🇦airways from Boston to Doha back in December 2016 best service ever

  2. Garren Groom says:

    Very nice. I've noticed in your videos of first/business class, airport lounges, most have little to no people. A lot of food sitting there which probably has to get rotated after about an hour or so. But wow, that's life at its best.
    🌏 ✈

  3. بوضي ضي says:


  4. bryunetka na razvedke says:

    Теперь это моя мечта – слетать вашей авиакомпанией 😄.

  5. KhunOve says:

    The bedrooms in Al Safwa can be used by Platinum members even if the connection time is less then 6 hours. I have used them twice on connections within 3-4 hours. Best lounge in the world. If you have a chance to use it, I recommend doing your shopping there. You will be seated in a comfortable chair, and someone will run around the airport getting you everything you want. You tell them what you want, they will find what shop that have it on their tablets.

    The First class seat on the A-380 is very comfortable, fantastic in bed mode, but it will not provide the privacy that some airlines does. In my opinion the QR Qsuites in Biz is better for privacy, but not as comfortable for sleeping.

  6. simonsmatthew says:

    Dirty and marked floor at 3.59, wouldn't want that with these prices. Also, are QA cabin attendants and other staff well paid and morale good?

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