Raffles Seychelles – full tour of a five star beach resort

Raffles Seychelles - full tour of a five star beach resort

Join me on a full tour of the 5-star Raffles Seychelles Resort. Read my review of this hotel (with pros, cons, & tips) on my blog: https://theluxurytravelexpert.com/2019/05/01/review-raffles-seychelles/

Get free VIP perks at Raffles Seychelles when booking via Virtuoso: https://www.classictravel.com/hotels/raffles-praslin-seychelles?agent=LuxTravelExpert

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26 thoughts on “Raffles Seychelles – full tour of a five star beach resort

  1. Radhakrishnan Subramanian says:

    Mr.Grant Heyer is the one who head this projects with a team of experts. It is one of the most beautiful properties in Seychelles. RK

  2. Aditya Kusumayanti says:

    Damai….sejuk…nyaman….tentram……………tapi kenapa ada manusia yang tidak suka nyaman..dan sejuk………saya aneh dengan manusia seperti itu…….

  3. Aditya Kusumayanti says:

    Saya sudah 6 bulan sedih……..untung karakter saya periang..senang bercanda…..ceria…..walaw hati remuk redam…………………….

  4. Aditya Kusumayanti says:

    Damai sejuk..tentram…tenang….nyaman ya…..tempat nya….enak banget………saya suka sekali tempat tempat seperti ini…

  5. Dima Bodnja says:

    great video! still the main room looks a bit empty, like living in unfinished interior, a bit more interior details could create warmer feeling. for a hotel with pricing of 1k per nights this is a serious drawback (compare to Constance Lemuria e.g.) or Raffles Warsaw or Raffles Singapore

  6. vinodh devaraj says:

    The Raffles Beach Resort is very pleasant and located in a beautiful Island of Seychelles. The Villa's are very spacious and enormous

  7. rawan aq says:

    I enjoy this experience in honey moon i want to come back someday.. best clean beast service best food 🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺

  8. Sandra Nelson says:

    Who ever built this place had the astonishing good sense to let Mother Nature design the landscape and outer decor. She is a Master of Her craft. And as always, the ocean just sucks me in.

  9. RJ says:

    You actually are "The Luxury Travel Expert"…..

    I love the details you provide in your videos along with the excellent Camera quality.

    And I have been to Seychelles but I didn't stay at the Raffles. I stayed at
    the MAIA resort.

    Please try and Visit any of the Hoshinoya resorts if possible & keep up the good work…..👍👍

  10. rbjnla says:

    FYI – the ferry ride from the island you land on, to Praslin, is an hour of heavy rocking, making many people throw up. Take motion sickness tabs if you go.

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