Safair Flights to Cape Town

Safair Flights to Cape Town

Fly with Safair for your next Cape Town holiday. Their outstanding safety record, years of experience and first-class customer service make them the ideal airline to get you to your destination.

FlySafair flights from Johannesburg to Cape Town are very affordable, starting from just R599.00. The flight will take you around 2 and a quarter hours, covering 1280kms of South African landscape, and with more than 60 weekly services there are lots of options for you to pick from. Upon arrival, you’ll be at Cape Town International Airport.

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FlySafair and Flightmateza South Africa now offer the cheapest rates for travelling between Johannesburg and Cape Town, making the process easier than ever. It’s just a few clicks away for you to find your perfect flight!

Travelling with Safair between Johannesburg and Cape Town ensures a comfortable and relaxed journey experience, courtesy of one of South Africa’s most popular domestic airlines.

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What flights does FlySafair offer from Johannesburg to Cape Town?

We’ve examined thousands of FlySafair trips between Johannesburg and Cape Town to offer you the most affordable fares starting at only R599.00.

Book with Flight Mate South Africa for a great selection of FlySafair flights from Johannesburg to Cape Town. Our search engine will provide you with all the latest fares, allowing you to find the most convenient and economical way to travel.

Flight Mate South Africa is the one-stop shop for all your travelling needs. We strive to make sure our customers get access to the best flights, car rental, and hotel deals and are happy to assist with any inquiries you may have. Our comprehensive service helps you compare prices and book quickly – leaving you more time to plan your dream holiday.

FlySafair boasts a world-class fleet, so you can feel secure and relaxed during your journey, confident that you’re getting great value for money. In 2014, we supported 188, 419 passengers to reach their destinations safely – thanks to our team of 400 professionals dedicated to making sure your journeys are comfortable and stress-free.

When booking your FlySafair Flights from Johannesburg to Cape Town, you can rest assured knowing that they have achieved the top internationally recognised safety rating from IOSA in 2014. This is just another testament to their dedication to providing travellers with a safe and comfortable experience.

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What is the duration of FlySafair flight to Cape Town?

FlySafair offers passengers the opportunity to fly between Johannesburg and Cape Town on an economical and reliable basis. Their flights are regularly scheduled, ensuring safe and comfortable journeys for those travelling in both directions.

The estimated duration of the journey is approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes, covering a distance of 1280 km.


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What is the earliest departure time for a flight from Johannesburg to Cape Town?

It was five fifty-five in the morning. The sun had not yet risen, but it was already light outside.

The first flight from Johannesburg to Cape Town departs at 05:55, and the last one is at 21:15.

Fly with FlySafair between Johannesburg and Cape Town. Enjoy a comfortable trip by taking advantage of the airline’s services between these two cities.

Book your tickets for a journey to Cape Town by booking Safair flights. Get ready for an unforgettable experience in this urban paradise. Explore the stunning beaches and natural beauty of this unique city and make memories that will last a lifetime.

FlySafair has some of the most wallet-friendly South African domestic fares. Check out our flight booker and search features to uncover specials and inexpensive flights to Cape Town. Don’t wait – take advantage of these excellent prices and book online now!

Flying to Cape Town has become a popular option, with Safair offering several flights. Various travel plans are available to choose from.

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