Sam Chui Travel Hacks 2 – How to get an UPGRADE?

Sam Chui Travel Hacks 2 - How to get an UPGRADE?

In this week’s travel hack tutorial video, let’s explore the following:

1. Amazing cheap Lufthansa/Swiss First Class airfare
2. How do you get a Free Upgrade?
3. How do you value an Upgrade?

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23 thoughts on “Sam Chui Travel Hacks 2 – How to get an UPGRADE?

  1. Sam Chui says:

    Hi guys, next week I will fly Malaysia Airlines A350 from London to Kuala Lumpur, so I will be sharing you my experience onboard the MH A350!

  2. Dody Tom says:

    Hlo brother, could please tell how can we get free launch access..? Or we have pay for launch access. Or its only for regular flying customers?

  3. Byron Alvarez says:

    Sam, When will you have a premium membership service that will allow us "flexible" travelers to join in on some of your inaugural and special flights. I'm retired and ex airline and can jump on flights anywhere 24/7

  4. Domenico Capurso says:

    Hello Sam ; my name is Domenico Capurso am a Italian but live in USA for 51 years and i am hooked watching your aviation traveling and i just subscribed to your channel
    would love to have more input how to travel in the future thank you so much i live in Florida near Fort Lauderdale and watch you at all the time thank you Domenico

  5. Jan says:

    Yep… can confirm on an overbooked plane, i got a free upgrade to business by just being a frequent flyer with lufthansa. Normal tier member, nothing special.

  6. Robert Yuan says:

    Sam, is there any situation or airline process so we can upgrade onboard the aircraft. If so, is the price cheaper?

  7. Kyser says:

    That really doesn't seem like a "How to" but more like this is how they pick upgrades and how to look at fully booked flights. The Expert flyer is likely the upgrade from Business to First, I think most people are looking for how to get out of Economy.

  8. Trojanette83 says:

    Hello, Sam. I'm watching one of your older videos. Great information as always.
    2:50 — Got a question for you. You didn't finish your thought, here. If, in the case of your example you could have paid (higher cost of ) 2,500€, how much DID YOU save by, using "ita Matrix"? Do you remember your savings amount back then?
    Also, thanks for the tip of NOT using your miles to upgrade. I've been a rewards member of a particular airline for almost 27 yrs, now. I try and tell my friends that all the time. Granted when airlines first started their frequent flyer programs there used to be a time when this strategy was advantageous. However, nowadays with airlines tightening the belt and their own corporate budget digging, in to your own mileage bucket does you no good.
    As always, thanks for sharing your information and expertise.

  9. Rick M says:

    Great videos and reviews. Do you have any plans to fly on and review the Global 7500. I would love to see a picture of the shower option in the 7500

  10. Vladas Mazelis says:

    Tried many searches on matrix and compared them to kiwi. beat matrix in each and every search by hundreds of dollars and it's easier to book.

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