Shangri La Le Touessrok Resort & Spa, Mauritius

Shangri La Le Touessrok Resort & Spa, Mauritius

Shangri La’s luxury Resort at Ile aux Cerfs, Mauritius – amazing place with great beaches, views, accommodation and hotel facilities. A walk round, both the Frangipani Wing on a private Island and the Hibiscus Wing. Also meeting my doggie friend, Mr Wuff Wuff. One of the Planet’s finest places…



17 thoughts on “Shangri La Le Touessrok Resort & Spa, Mauritius

  1. BigBad 1964 says:

    I’ve stayed in that very room on a couple of occasions (and next door in room 216), Le Touessrok is a superb resort and I can’t wait to return again soon 👍

  2. Lamya Fahad says:

    Amazing!! Thank you for this video it's really helpful. I really like your room though is it considered beach front or beach access? I'm planning to go and I don't know the difference.

  3. Robert Tribe says:

    Mr K .. seems we are stalking you .. we are in room 217 at the Touessrok right now … It's beautiful .. thanks for your videos helping us choose hotels 🙂

  4. Jayne Welch says:

    I went to this hotel just before it was taken over by Shangri-La.
    The beach is nice but you need beach shoes for swimming in as the island is surrounded by a coral reef and it’s very sharp on your feet.
    We stayed in a ground floor junior suite, had breakfast every morning on our terrace.
    The golf course is fabulous but very challenging make sure to take plenty of balls.
    We had a fabulous trip to Mauritius it was on my bucket list to do. Not sure if I would return as there are so many other places I would like to see.

  5. Lee Claxton says:

    What an AMAZING resort. I love this Shangri-La, and it looked really quiet, not many tourists around. I think I prefer this resort to the St Regis here, both quality, but I like the Shangri-La design better – and your room looked amazing too (usually Shangri-La's weakness is the rooms, but not here).

  6. Nafisa Nawar says:

    One thing that everyone wants to know is what mr kesavaraj's profession? So that we travel freak also can get a idea .I hope you would tell me!

  7. bearpawz says:

    Spectacular! I didn't know you had been to Mauritius before this trip! ~~Kudos to Raj and another successful journey~~ Every time you mentioned Madagascar in these videos, I kept thinking about their vanilla bean crisis. 🙁 Since they're the #1 producer in the world, there's been a domino effect and it's been tough to get them from any country that grows them.. (in the states anyhow).. GREAT trip and I'm glad you ended with the spotted pup!!! :0)

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