Shinkansen Bullet Train First Class Experience

Shinkansen Bullet Train First Class Experience

Japan’s Shinkansen is the fastest and most comfortable way to travel throughout Japan. If you have the budget, the Green Car is a comfortable option.

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42 thoughts on “Shinkansen Bullet Train First Class Experience

  1. 123 says:


  2. The Age of The Awakening says:

    What's it like in My country? Whatever Your country was like 100 years ago, that's what America is like. 100 years behind this. It's terrible.

  3. RIXRADvidz says:

    Exactly like the ''Fast Train'' from St Petersburg to Helsinki. only we had even More leg room and when the seats reclined you didn't end up in someone's lap behind you or the person in front of you ending up in your lap when they recline. 3 hours 18 minutes on the dot. we left St P at 7am one hour time change arrive Helsinki 918am in time for our hotel's breakfast buffet b efore passing out from a Month in Russia.

  4. Deepak Patel says:

    I like your video. it is very simple and giving good understanding with true natural travel in train. appreciated your effort

  5. Mike Burawski says:

    Great video presenttion. Very good camera visual and steady shots. Japan is so clean and no graffitti and loud noises. I am from Munich Germny and I would love to visit Japan. People are so polite and respectful. Thank you for your presentation.

  6. Alexandra says:

    is it considered rude to recline your chair (when it's not nighttime)? On the airplane, in western countries, if you recline your chair and it's not dark outside, it's widely considered to be rude.

    +I don't want to start a debate over whether it is rude or not; I just want to know the cultural norm in Japan please 🙂

  7. mistermikeyjay says:

    At first I saw the guy in blue walk across the screen and was “Hey! That looks like Satoshi!”. Then I see who your are following on the escalator and realized, “Oh, that IS Satoshi” 🙂

  8. Michael Wade says:

    Thank you for this video, and in fact, all of your videos. They are a great way to see real life in Japan. I enjoyed seeing what it is like on Shinkansen, and I appreciate you showing the washroom facilities as well. I have never been on a train! I found it fascinating when another Shinkansen passed your train at great speed. Awesome! Thank you! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  9. A C says:

    Shinkansen's cars (normal class) are very comfortable. Curiously, I can't detect a big difference in quality between Green cars and normal cars. At least compared with first and tourist classes on airlines

  10. House of Cats says:

    Just came back frm japan before lockdown.really salute japan for the super clean especially toilet and other public accomodations.

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