Singapore Airlines A380 Business Class Singapore to London: full experience

Singapore Airlines A380 Business Class Singapore to London: full experience

Join me on this Business Class trip onboard a Singapore Airlines A380 from Singapore to London. You can read my review of this flight on my blog:

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21 thoughts on “Singapore Airlines A380 Business Class Singapore to London: full experience

  1. christopher pham says:

    The tame grass latterly introduce because poet substantively name notwithstanding a happy white. dizzy, brief grandfather

  2. Jovan Chioh says:

    The plane shakes because there is a bit of turbulence after leaving the ground. (Plus, I love & like your videos)

  3. David Black says:

    Now few Singapore airlines coming to Heathrow cos of coronavirus crisis. Holiday flights to and from England not allowed but you only have to go from Scottish and Welsh airports if have open routes to some countries freed by teh UK government. You should only fly for work maters from England. This only lasts from yesterday till December 2nd.

  4. result hunter says:

    28:05 nah man, I like your vlog, you give us a different style of travel vlogging, which is a good thing. I love Sam Chui but whenever I feel like to just chill and relax, your vlog is a right type to watch in that situation. Keep up the good work mate. Greetings from Indonesia.

  5. Astarstruckfan says:

    With all of your traveling and your shared experiences I had no idea you have a fear of flying. You are brave in that you continue to travel. I myself cannot which makes you sharing your travel experiences with me so much more meaningful. You bring me to the most magnificent places that continually move me to tears. I am very grateful to you for giving me that experience. Thank you so very much!

  6. Steven Storey says:

    I once read that the feeling of fear and excitement are almost identical, so it's possible your pre-flight anxiety is actually excitement that is being misinterpreted…. just a thought 🙂
    Thank you for the awesome vlog.

  7. Jumbo Star says:

    Think they have grounded all of their a 380s,same as Air France,they were all a white elephant from the start,wonder what Emirates are going to do

  8. Greg Curtin says:

    I only ever get to fly Frankfurt, Denver, Dallas & back to Toronto though I wish I could go to the Arab/S.E. Asia area just to try the food. It seems like Bus. Class is always the best value for a quality product per $$$ unless you've found a great deal on 1st Class. Love the opening sequence with the lounge. Thank you sir for sharing this with us.

  9. Barbara Selden says:

    I have a fear of flying , the last flight I did was with Emirates from Glasgow to Melbourne, stopped in Dubai then Singapore before flying on to Melbourne, didn't like Dubai Airport at all, Singapore was much better. I always seem to get a bad cold or chest infection after flying, do you get that ? Any tips ?

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