Singapore Airlines Food & Menus Economy Class SFO to SIN (4K)

Singapore Airlines Food & Menus Economy Class SFO to SIN (4K)

See what food and menus to expect on a Singapore Airlines transpacific flight from San Francisco (SFO) to Singapore Changi Airport (SIN), economy-class style on an Airbus A350-900 plane. The flight left at 9:30 AM and took about 17 hours. First we were offered 2 bags of nuts each, which included peanuts, peas and crackers. Next was lunch which you can pick between Pan Fried Fish Fillet in Dill Lemon Sauce or Beef Hamburger Steak with Brown Sauce. The fish was the better tasting entree in our opinion. Strawberry Cream Cake, the dessert, was quite good.

At any time, you can also request snacks, which include sandwiches. We tried the Multigrain Bread with Jerk Chicken, plus the Vegetarian Tortilla Wrap with Roasted Eggplant- both were tasty. For dinner, we got to pick between Chicken Cacciatora with Potato Gnocchi, or Fried Egg Noodels with Pork & Vegetables. Both were a bit underwhelming- the Chicken Cacciatora was less oily so we’d give it a slight edge. Dessert was Mocca Cream Cake- pretty decent- not as good as the Strawberry one from lunch.

This was from March 2018 as we flew to Singapore Changi airport as the starting point for our 14 Day Asia Cruise aboard the Princess Cruises Majestic Princess. Hope you find this video helpful and please feel free to comment or ask any questions!



4 thoughts on “Singapore Airlines Food & Menus Economy Class SFO to SIN (4K)

  1. phlip_ games says:

    I am very exited because next year I 'm going to fly to New York from frankfurt it' s going to be my first flight ever

  2. lmh aviation says:

    The pan fried fish in Dill lemon sauce is for the Singapore-San Fransisco route. You all flew from San Fransisco-Singapore route so what Your Son ate is Fish with Garlic Oyster Sauce with Chinese Vegetables & Steamed Rice. It is a typical Singaporean and chinese meal. Anyways, I'm chinese & I'm Singaporean.

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