Six Senses Zil Pasyon (Seychelles): FABULOUS RESORT (review)!

Six Senses Zil Pasyon (Seychelles): FABULOUS RESORT (review)!

Read here my review of Six Senses Zil Pasyon:

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24 thoughts on “Six Senses Zil Pasyon (Seychelles): FABULOUS RESORT (review)!

  1. Dhriti Basu Mallick says:

    I love your videos! They are amazing! Thank you for sharing the luxurious services that the hospitality industry has to offer!

  2. Jimmy Xu says:

    thanks for the amazing insights and your video help me finalize Seychelles as my honeymoon destination. Just curious, could Felicité island beach surpass Anse source d argent?

  3. Patra Shiyamala Augustine says:

    loving all these Videos , cos NO… i enjoy all "the Luxury Travels' Videos … big Thank you..! enjoy

  4. fluttershy77x says:

    Is it good for 9-10 nights? Or too boring, because there isn't very much to do? We're probably staying 6-7 nights at the Four Seasons Mahé and are then considering 10 days in the Zil Payson. Honeymoon it is. 🙂

  5. Emerson_able says:

    Luxury? Is to have that beautiful landscape and enjoy for free!! Your videos are all about hotels and pools and irritates me that you show so little the nature and the sites calling 4 walls and some “art” luxury is appalling

  6. Gérard Coustes says:

    Se pare de délicates teintes à chaque coucher de soleil respects des traditions on ne peut échapper a la beauté unique du site ses idées ses formes ses couleurs sa faune aquatique terrestre sa flore diversifiée variée de sensualité sa nouvelle jeunesse son esthétique son épanouissement ses étincelles son accueil aux alentours oeuvres artistiques et littéraires des villes son raffinement ses reflets de sensations olfactives tactiles affectives gustatives pour passer des moments inoubliables

  7. vinodh devaraj says:

    The Six Senses Zil Payson Island Resort is Amazing ad it has its own Helicopter Jetty for the arrival at Resort and which is a unique designs for the Island Resort.

  8. Findings51 Poshmark says:

    I worked in Corporate Aviation for many years, have flown on Twin Otters and have dispatched them to the far north. A great Canadian aircraft, built like a tank. It is one of the safest small aircraft in the sky and you can have confidence in their safety. I wouldn’t have a second thought flying in one of those to get to the islands. From other videos it appears that there is a fleet of them going to the various islands in the Maldives.

  9. Rose Pelzel says:

    Stunning….just stunning! How blessed you are…I believe you have witnessed more beautifully breathtaking sunsets than anyone else in the world!! Thank you for sharing! All love.

  10. Toria Summers says:

    Great video. Just curious/nosey but if you're a doctor, how can you travel so much?! You're a very lucky chap clearly – great videos, keep them coming please and if you are ever in Mauritius at La Pirogue, Flic en Flac, a video from there would be lovely!! I'm going back in January but cannot wait that long to get 'into the mood' – I'm so excited.

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