Skytrax: Best Low-Cost Airlines in Europe

Skytrax: Best Low-Cost Airlines in Europe

Here is The list of Best Low-Cost Airlines in Europe!!!!!!!
5.Wizz Air
7.WOW Air
8.Pegasus Airlines
9.Onur Air

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23 thoughts on “Skytrax: Best Low-Cost Airlines in Europe

  1. Canada Aviaton says:

    I dont like RyanAir because i flew with it from Dublin – Milan, they didn.t serve food to me and they didn,t give me something.. Ryanair is bad..

  2. Dis is da ril pooppoop Yes says:

    Norwegian nr.1 ?? IT cost's 3000€ to travel to pristina for 4 person's and Ryanair not Even at nr.10 that is bullshit.

  3. Cris Yorke says:

    I am flying from Berlin to AMS (3 days stay) from AMS to CPH (3 days stay). From CPH to London (Heathrow) (3 day stay) and back to Berlin. Which budget airline fits this? Thanks

  4. Sam Robertson says:

    where is Ryanair? They are the best in my opinion because they always are the cheapest when im looking for deals and also they get there on time. Not done yet they have the youngest fleet of 738's and are the safest airline in Europe and with the new sky interior they are dominating

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