SONEVA KIRI: best luxury hotel in the world – full tour (Thailand)

SONEVA KIRI: best luxury hotel in the world - full tour (Thailand)

Join me on a full tour of PHENOMENAL Soneva Kiri, my favorite beach resort in the world.

Get complimentary VIP perks at Soneva Kiri (resort credit, experiences, and more):

Read my review of Soneva Kiri here:

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24 thoughts on “SONEVA KIRI: best luxury hotel in the world – full tour (Thailand)

  1. Aditya Kusumayanti says:

    Sombong…belagu merasa banyak duit seenaknya menghancurkan usaha orang orang..menyakiti orang…………..sok jago………..jadi manusia tidak usah sombong dan belagu……………hidup apa adanya..lebih tenang lahir dan batin…………Tidak usah sombong dan belagu menjijikan………

  2. Aditya Kusumayanti says:

    Poto Poto Vidio Vidio orang orang yang di hormati di dunia ini juga. Semuanya di rusakk……di rusakkkk…..komplotan .setan……

  3. Aditya Kusumayanti says:

    Hotel hotel punya orang orang lain juga Vidio promosi nya di rusakk di hancurkan bukan hanya punya keluarga saya aja……………

  4. Nam Jai says:

    ❤️❤️So beautiful Thailand. Yes , absolutely it will be our next relax vacation someday . Stay safe for now everyone 🙏

  5. Negin So says:

    Is it possible to travel to Maldive now with the Covid19 situtaion? and NOT stay in 1 resort all the time? Thank you for your nice videos.

  6. greg h says:

    the usa powerball is up to 116 million $ and i have the winning numbers for the next draw right here: and 2 please pay your windfall of good lucck forward with awarding me a week lstay here

  7. Bobby Garibaldi says:

    I kept stopping the video many times just to soak in all the beautiful views!! Your expertise in making these videos, the music, the historic info, all is such a pleasure, thank you!!

  8. Susan Haroutounian says:

    i just concluded watching a vacation hosted by some hotel commentator – can’t remember who but they were so joyful and singing praises of the resort in Greece which supposedly mixed the ancient and the modern architecture in my mind it was horrid it was like trying to find your way out of Hampton—Court Maze Dear Gods of north south east or west give poor holiday makers a compas upon arrival
    The holiday narrator raved over this place i can’t see why LMAO marble posts up to the sky going round in circles and squares so cold and uninviting / no beach to paddle in
    oh well one mans happy — one mans not !
    Take your brush and dustpan and dig for broken plates 🤣

  9. jacobe ksor says:

    Thailand cambodia, indonesia, malaysia, singapore is my favorite place they are so friendly, nice people also love the spicy food

  10. Bruce Carithers says:

    Simply love your videos, very easy and relaxing, just like the places you film. Glad I found you, simply love SONEVA brand.

  11. Esther Ibañez says:

    I am angry & upset!! Well, thanks God, until now we feel well. Of course is the most important, health!! The videos are interesting, sometimes, you don't know where to go and helps, jeje. Somebody says, you are rich? NO. Working, waiting to have an age and saving. So, enjoy life in any moment, even if you can't afford these places. I stayed in Bangkok and then to the Maldives. 4 days, enough, unless the company keeps you in a trance of love. You see, at my age, the company is more interested in football results, political news, etc. So you have to dream!! Anyway, I'd rather prefer, less quite places, a bit of music very good for mind. Better the Caribean. Cuba, very interested. Piña colada, húm!!! The spaniards, are refused everywhere, now, a pity. We had the worst restrictions. Due to the tourism économy we opened & now we suffer the consequences. Bye

  12. ARELA彰 says:

    Thank you so much for the beautiful nature ,makes my day ,perfect for fresh our soul and mind.God bless and peace grace to all of us 🙏💕🌸🦋🌲🌲🌱🌳

  13. Kay Hale says:

    How are African Americans viewed or treated over in Thailand? I ask because I would love to go visit, but I have some friends who went and wasn't received well and had to get their travel agent to change their hotel. This was last year way before the Pandemic.

  14. Kate RH says:

    I have stayed there, but I was very disappointed in the beach, it's accessibility and how close they had the loungers. Next time I will try the Maldives one.

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