Sri Lanka Travel Advice | Sigiriya HONEST Review | Travel Sri Lanka on $1000

Sri Lanka Travel Advice Sigiriya HONEST Review Travel

Episode 5 – ” Lion Sigiriya Rock review” we test out Sri lanka’s MOST popular tourist spot and see what its like.
Traveling to Sri Lanka? This travel series documents our 4 week road trip around the entire island. You’ll see if Sri Lanka is safe and a place worth visiting. You’ll see the true cost of backpacking here, the incredible street food, as well as a full break down of this incredible countries culture, backpacking scene, and atmosphere.

✸This is a 11-part Travel Documentary SERIES 4: Sri Lanka ✸
We wanna show you how to travel, backpack, or budget your way around the amazing island of Sri Lanka. We travel in an iconic tuktuk 3wheeler around the beaches and hills and eat streetfood the whole trip around. How far will our $1000 budget stretch?

In this episode we arrive in Dambulla the home to Sigiriya Rock aka Lion’s Rock. This is arguably the most popular tourist destination here in Sri Lanka, but it is worth it? This video will review our experience in the area during our two night stay in March 2019.

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34 thoughts on “Sri Lanka Travel Advice | Sigiriya HONEST Review | Travel Sri Lanka on $1000

  1. Dennis Spackman says:

    Watching your Sri Lanka series, Yala National Park in the Southeast is a good place to see wildlife, including elephants and plenty of other wildlife and one of the best places in the world to see leopards

  2. Susantha Fernando says:

    This is too much $30.00 to climb Sigiriya?? Unbelievable.. Too greedy. What the hell they do with those money. Have you got clean bathroom and toilets facilities in that side.. At least 🤔🤔😖

  3. Dinusha Dushmantha says:

    Haha. nice playlist. Enjoyed watching your videos about Sri Lanka. You guys are hilarious.
    Wanna say something about elephants though, those elephants are way safer in the way they are and they have been a part of our culture for millenniums. The connection between the owner and the elephant is such an amazing connection. Of course, some people abuse them, I grew up seeing elephants used for doing hard jobs like pulling logs, but recently I haven't seen such things happen I'm not sure if such things continue to happen yet.
    Most of the elephants who are adapted are not born in the jungle and they are not used to live jungles. We even have one elephant orphanage where we look after elephants who had been in trouble in their natural habitat, most of them are attacked by hunters for their tusks.
    but I agree with Leena(not sure if I spelled it correctly) they should not be commercial animals. Not only elephants there are a lot of other animals who are used for commercial purposes. Which should be eradicated from the world.

  4. enda03 says:

    I fully agree on the elephant abuse – awful. Now, I have been to Sigiriya Rock a few years ago (think it cost $25 then) but it was definitely worth it. Sometimes in life you have to bite the bullet and pay the price. Any Westerner who can afford to visit Sri Lanka can afford to pay the entry to fee to what is a world class attraction. The money is being reinvested in maintenance etc. I would skip Pholonaruwa though…

  5. David C says:

    I've been subscribed since season 1, and this is the only travel blog I can watch because i feel like it's done for all the right reasons. Yall don't try to glamorize or rub it people's face how your life is better than anyone else's or trying to show off on your travels. I have always loved the vibe and all the laughs i get from watching you guys. There's no other channel on youtube like this.

  6. Lakshan Nawanjana says:

    the thing with the sigiriya rock is that the history of that rock goes far more than 6000 years. and it is a live proof that in the ancient times before the king kashayapa Sri Lankans were far more advanced people than in the modern era.. unfortunately most of the proofs were hidden by the British people who took control over the island in 19th century. most of our technology was stolen by them and destroyed our inscriptions

  7. Hansaka Chaturanga says:

    hey guys… when u travel different countries and places please respect their culture and religion,, and get knowledge about the rules and tradition of those places ,, the last place u visit to watch the sigiriya is calling pidurangala and it was ancient Buddhist temple, having beer is not totally acceptable,,

  8. Oshini Perera says:

    I dont know if ive said this but this actually not a toursity thing , the elephant feeding , i do it alot because the elephants they go through alot of torture from the elephant people and alot of the time if you see an elephant cry for food its mostly greatul for it. its really sad that they get treated like this but if you pet them , it will be they are mainly harmless

  9. Skytelecom130 Skytelecom130 says:

    Thank you so much guys … you are doing priceless thing for develop tourism in my country. Thank you lot guys!!!!

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