SWISS First Class from Zurich to New Delhi (Airbus A330): Swiss perfection!

SWISS First Class from Zurich to New Delhi (Airbus A330): Swiss perfection!

Join me on this trip in First Class onboard a Swiss International Air Lines Airbus A330 from Zurich (Switzerland) to New Delhi (India). The clip also includes a visit to the First Class lounge in Zurich Airport.

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42 thoughts on “SWISS First Class from Zurich to New Delhi (Airbus A330): Swiss perfection!

  1. Niklas Enblom says:

    I’ve been through Zurich. I was coming in on a USAIRWAYS flight from Philadelphia and connecting with a Swiss flight to Copenhagen. Great airport! Honestly, though, Copenhagen Kastrup is my favorite airport.

    I’ve flown on the A330 many times with Scandinavian Airlines. Great plane!! Wonderful review!!

  2. Shinobi Mayjin says:

    What a disgusting attitude to charge extra money for wifi even tho u paid thousands of money for that 1st class ticket! Will boycott this airline!

  3. emily mumbi says:

    Amazing, Amazing I hope to travel 1st class or even business class. However allow me to ask when do you find time to practice, upskill etc medicine. You must have superb time management skills

  4. Burak Aegean says:

    Look like twin mountains flying over Turkey (18:3818:55) is MOUNT AGRI (ARARAT). Northern and higher one is called the "Greater Ararat" which is the highest peak in Turkey with a height of 5,137 m = 16850 feet.

  5. George Kuenzli says:

    If you take the Swiss Livery for an ambulance, you prove that you do not distinguish between the Swiss flag (white cross in red field) and the Red Cross flag (red cross in white field). In my opinion, their can be no mistaking the Swiss livery for an ambulance.
    Once again I have to complain that it is impossible to read the menu lists because they are presented too fast with even missing some parts.
    The flight map is also my favourite FE feature.

  6. Steve Schutte says:

    The only time I have flown first class I was in seat 1-A in a 747. It was a strange experience being at the tip of the plane without even a cockpit in front of me.

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