Thai Airways Boeing 747 First Class Bangkok to Munich: unpleasant surprise

Thai Airways Boeing 747 First Class Bangkok to Munich: unpleasant surprise

Read my review of this flight here:

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43 thoughts on “Thai Airways Boeing 747 First Class Bangkok to Munich: unpleasant surprise

  1. Max says:

    This looks dated, old, cheap. Like a 1993 business class on a mediocre airline. I can't believe they call it class. Airport Lounge was awesome, though !

  2. thumbun says:

    Thanks for another wonderful video. Personally, I would have made the same choice. I prefer the 747 over the A380 any day — to bad the Queen of the Skies is slowly fading away.

  3. Alexis ian says:

    Fun fact: The King of Thailand "Rama " is rumoured that Boeing 747-400 to be his favorite airplane. Considering that he mostly spends its time in Munich and is required to travel back to Bangkok. Its speculated that TG deployed there B744 to MUC is in case his majesty needs to return to BKK it is readly available

  4. Michel Sauzier says:

    1st row, 1st class, 747 v/s A380, I would not hesitate for a split second, I would jump immediately o/b the 747, the absolute best plane ever to fly !!!

  5. Anja Dyrendal says:

    I wished my parents had enough money for this. You know, my mom is from Thailand and we’re flying to Thailand every year. I’ve never tried first class, and I really wanna try it someday. At least we can come to Thailand, and we have money to survive. Thank you for this amazing video!

  6. Shaun P A says:

    Love your videos as I too enjoy and long for luxury though that “big gaping hole” in my pocket from my previous trip has yet to be mended😆😊

    I thought that since you said their lounge was excellent you should have savoured it’s pleasures a bit longer when you were offered a choice and waited to travel by A380 for which you had longed for and perhaps may have paid a premium to travel by it🤔

  7. Juanita Richards says:

    I wouldn't want to wait 8 hours for the next flight. I had to wait 6 hours on 2 occasions, one with my 10 month old daughter, who didn't sleep the whole 6 hours at the airport and the airline I was flying on had no baby buggies to rent out, so I had to hold this heavy wriggling baby and carry her everywhere in the airport while she struggled the whole time to get out of my arms and escape. I was an exhausted wreck by the time we got on the plane and she didn't sleep for the whole flight either. She didn't cry though, she giggled and burbled the whole time and as well as her own food, grabbed mine as well. By the time we arrived in Suva Fiji she was over tired and screamed the whole night long………

  8. Juanita Richards says:

    Perhaps the first class lounge only supplies a limited buffet because they have so few first class travelers in there and all the food would go to waste. Many, like me, would wait for the meal on the plane instead of at any airport restaurant.

  9. Roger uk says:

    Still waiting for refund on cancelled flight in April amazing what speed they take your money and snail like pace at paying you back money due🙁

  10. Aaron Arshad says:

    For me personally I think the Menu is the best Part of Culture from different Countries around the World and getting familiar with a few Dishes

  11. Roger uk says:

    It’s a pity that they are not good at giving refunds for flights cancelled because of lockdown. Impossible to get through on the phones to customer service department, I bet if if phone the flights booking dept the phone will be answered in lightning speed 🙁

  12. Johannes Bols says:

    This is by far the best travel review I've ever seen. The descriptions tell you what you need to know, the slow mo filming could be soporific, but somnambulistic is a better way to put it. It's relaxed. And there was never any whinging about changing the flight.

  13. Graham Nancledra says:

    I was waiting for the "unpleasant surprise". If the surprise was the technical delay and your choice to fly to Munich instead, it's hardly unpleasant. Unfortunate possibly but I think the term unpleasant is way over the top. I would say that for an airline to offer food based on tomato as in the salsa and omelette is very much on the cheap. You can buy a tomato for a few pence. I'd expect a salsa and omelette with a much more luxurious ingredient. Tomato is hardly first class luxury. Nasty fruit anyhow.

  14. Kelly Lamb says:

    I found the history on Thai Airways very interesting, Ty. I saw the interior of a Thai 747 in a California boneyard with a similar kitchen set up, very rare and very unique.

  15. Lamjuan Melendl says:

    Next year's I want to use thai airways to go Back to Thailand how much the Ticket Round trip From Tampa Florida U.S.A to Bangkok Thailand

  16. Sheldon K says:

    I’ve also flown Thai 747 with the elongated galley. Just saw a video at CA airplane graveyard and had the same galley configuration on old Thai 747

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