Thalys Premium Class wonderful experience from Paris to Brussels

Thalys Premium Class wonderful experience from Paris to Brussels

Hi everyone, welcome to this trip report bound to Belgium, Brussels. Home of Waffles and beer:) This time it’s the review of Premium class with the Thalys Lounge.
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Railway company: Thalys
Train type : PBKA
From : Paris Gare du Nord to Brussels Zuid
N° of train: 9415
Duration : 1h22
Price : 115€

– EQUIPMENT – iPhone Xs



36 thoughts on “Thalys Premium Class wonderful experience from Paris to Brussels

  1. B1970T says:

    I wasn’t impressed at all with the seat pitch where you sat, especially with that foot rest: the seats, while looking comfortable, reminded me of our American cars from the 1970s and 80s with all that crushed velour. I certainly wouldn’t trade it for our Amtrak seats on a comparable class for this particular trip. Overall, nice report.

  2. Anil Katara says:

    I wish you give a comment on the stops along the travel journey… Duration of stops… If it's a TGV… Why is it taking so long to cover the distance….
    The fare price…
    Your information should be effective not decorative…

  3. Milton Salgado says:

    I can’t wait to be able to travel again …. I will definitely be doing this next time I’m able to go to Europe 👍🏻

  4. Johnny Boy says:

    Seem in a few of your videos in France you have to go through security to get on intercity trains? Glad we don’t have to do that in the U.K.

  5. Chef Chaudard says:

    Watched your video onboard the Thalys. I fully agree with you, service is good! Food was OK, staff friendly and train comfortable. My train to Amsterdam was late in the morning (45mn), we were diverted on the "classic" line because the high speed line between Antwerpen and Rotterdan was closed. And on the return (15mn) because of heavy trafic in Belgium. Delays seem to be pretty common with Thalys (though it is not Thalys fault).
    I agree it could be worst by car, because of congestions in Lille, Belgium and the Netherland.

    I thinked to myself "TOILETS TIME" when I went there…

  6. Steven Loockx says:

    You where lucky that everything was functioning as it should. I often use this connection and premium services; but the last few months service was bad! Manny technical issues, delay's and no food on board. The staff is very friendly and kind, but they don't always have the materials to deliver…

  7. Strawberry Kiys says:

    at 2:36 it says on the bottom of the top screen that the track is only indicated 15 min. before departure. Why is that, the trains know at which track it needs to be so late only?

  8. mike collett says:

    enjoy the video, on my 60th birthday , travel from berlin to paris est , then got train from paris nord to london on eurostar , looking forward more trains in future

  9. likklej8 says:

    I’ve travelled Thalys standard from Brussels to Rotterdam it’s pretty good service but gets fairly crowded. Good train service really like your video.

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