is again voted the Best Island In the World for 2020! World-renowned magazine Travel + Leisure has released this year’s World’s Best Awards naming Palawan #1 beating Sri-Lanka, Bali, Bora-Bora and Maldives… Palawan has been our home for quite some time now and we have chosen this place as our home among many places we have traveled in the Philippines, because this magical place has captured our heart, mind and soul. It is beyond paradise. We have created wonderful memories here and have chosen one of our favorite islands, Modessa Island, in Roxas Palawan as the venue of our island wedding last February. In this video, we share with you why Palawan is the best in the world and some tips of what you should not miss when you visit Palawan! Enjoy, start planning your next adventure in the world’s best island!

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50 thoughts on “THE MOST BEAUTIFUL ISLAND IN THE WORLD! Palawan Philippines

  1. Life with May says:

    Wow what a beautiful video! Well done!!! I have been to Boracay and had no time to go to Palawan, but will have to next time! thank you so much for sharing!! Im a newbie to YT hope you can also check out my vid when you have time xoxo take care

  2. Henry Loo says:

    Thank you for sharing your amazing video of beautiful Palawan Philippines. A well deserve title ! I was there last winter and it was absolutely beautiful.

  3. Florino Avila says:

    Treat yourself with Vitamin D rich Philippine Sunshine. For Europeans, sunshine vitamin D are considered by some scientist to prevent multiple sclerosis.

  4. Joe Ways Vlogs says:

    I've to Puerto Princesa,Palawan last 2014 and indeed it is the most beautiful and wonderful island in the world.i hope we can visit also to El Nido,and Coron and all around Palawan area

  5. Jasmin Weger says:

    Wow you been in many island ,beautiful beaches in palawan.we live here in palawan with my husband for 10 years already but we never been yet in different island in palawan .we been only in underground river.elnido and port barton.maybe after my husband retired his work the we need to look arround those islands in palawan that you been.good jof.yes palawan really beatiful island in the world .i agree because we been also in different contries beaches.the whole world is also beautiful.😘💋❤😍🤩👍👍👍

  6. Elvira Martinez says:

    Hola, somos una familia Filipino-Mexicana! Nos encantan mucho sus videos y fotografía! Saludos desde Guadalajara! Mabuhay!

  7. Romy Garcia says:

    Whisper only. China is on the prowl. Stealing is their hobby .
    They stole the Spratly. Am angry, please enjoy, these is for all. Welcome to our country.

  8. PonyRang Toysᅵ포니랑 토이즈 [Kids Toy World] 波尼朗 says:

    Wow… !!! Great… We liked and enjoyed to the end. Thanks Have a happy day!

  9. Alex Blogger says:

    Love the place ever….You guyz are awesome. Love the video. Thank you for loving Philippines….Cheers. Bellisimo. Chiao

  10. Gio68 says:

    I’m loving the channal… i’m born in canada but grew up 100% italian and i’m also married to a filipina lol. We spend alot of time in palawan also as thats where my wife is originally from. We hope to come back there in January 2021, we will keep our fingers crossed….in the mean time i’ve subscibed and look forward to your vlogs …Ciao for now

  11. Snow Bird says:

    Why do men have to talk so fast and unclear. Not everyone can understand you dialect. Slow down, pronounce you words clearly.

  12. Alexzander Durant says:

    U'v experienced first hand how Palawan is truly a paradise on earth Mirco & Tere 😀 very true 😄 we luvv u 😃🙋

  13. Ronald Ignacio says:

    I love Palawan , Phillipines blessed God of wonders of nature I pray that this pandemic will be over soon .So that tourism help the for it's economic recovery Pls Filipinos especially Palawenos take good care of our natural resources.

  14. Charisse Leann Cataloctocan says:

    Thank you for visiting Palawan, feel free to come back here again you guys are always welcome here in the Philippines❤️🇵🇭

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