The Most Luxurious Airline in the World

The Most Luxurious Airline in the World

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Flying to Africa from North America can be a brutal two-day exercise, but I had a luxurious experience. If there is a transit that begs for comfort and indulgence, this is it: Etihad Airlines.

When booking my flight, I surveyed all the choices and landed on a relatively new player, but one breaking records and exploring new concepts at the speed of flight: Etihad Airlines, the flag carrier for the United Arab Emirates. Not only is it the fastest growing airline in the history of commercial aviation, it is also about to make all other First Class offerings feel quotidian and wanting.

Wondering what happened to that golden age of travel? Etihad is bringing it back, and raising the bar. While most airlines are becoming ascetics in their offerings, even considering charging for in-flight bathroom visits, Etihad is going the other direction, sky-high. With a completely flat bed, the inbuilt massager on low, the noise-cancelling headphones fitted, and stars in the ceiling, I sleep most of the way to Johannesburg. Nobody can be uncheered on Etihad. On such a flight, the time is too swift, feathered with flying hours; it is flight that dissolves the qualms of earth-bound life. Like a good book, I don’t want this flight to end.

There is an ancient and deeply revered Arab concept called diyafa, which means hospitality that is so good and generous it rides the clouds. Etihad has taken this sensibility to the 21st century and created the most hospitable experience in the skies—it is so warm and welcoming and exceptional, you never want to go home again.



26 thoughts on “The Most Luxurious Airline in the World

  1. k4k 1ok says:

    Wonderful video, super presentation. You DO have a calming voice, but I wish it were a tad louder. Not a criticism, just an aside)))))

  2. Kent Ash says:

    I would agree with Burnstmallow below…Period! However, one can not dictate outrageous consumption nor should they. Perhaps, an ideal model would be for airlines to donate a combination of a 7.5% surcharge and profit sharing on these extreme flights. As an aviator, technologist, and humanitarian I love perfection, superlatives and adventure…those that can afford this "should" be able to enjoy the superlative creativity and "experinece".

    There is Market Acceptance…this flight resonates to a minority and the minority should be totally unicumbered in all ways…Free Market. I am all for the service and progression; however I do think this level of (decadences) or excellence (depending on point of view) requires some semblances of respect for the community. In essence, points of departure or destinations should have some sort of "social communtiy" descretionary exise tax. Better Said: All for One and One for All…everything runs smoother and everyone benefits.

    Bottom Line is that the People of the community should advocate for the "Overall Benefit" of each flight and weigh it upon the benefits/ demands of the community the airlines serve and have a fair and balanced incentive for these extraordinary airlines and thier clients.

    Sometimes it All Comes Out in the Wash…non partisan citizen oversight should prevail.

  3. Fred Smith says:

    Such dribble…   a flight no one could afford.  It probably flies half empty, while everyone is jammed back in economy.   Show us a video of that nightmare.  While economy is probably way better than most airlines, its what most people fly in.

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