The Nautilus Maldives | 2019 New Luxury Openings Resort

The Nautilus Maldives | 2019 New Luxury Openings Resort

2019.3.16 The Nautilus Maldives (馬爾地夫鸚鵡螺度假島嶼)
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-Ocean House (水上屋):
-Beach House (沙灘屋):
One of the most beautiful and luxury resort in Maldives



27 thoughts on “The Nautilus Maldives | 2019 New Luxury Openings Resort

  1. Metal BroJoe 84 says:

    Its a The Beatles song @ Let it be and Jason Mraz @ Im yours
    Btw its a beautiful tours ever
    you made me smile happily watched it..
    Thank you so much Sir

  2. Jenifer Lawrance says:

    no need to become very rich to go here if you have a decent salary start save money and patience one day you can go here….🙂👍

  3. nasos lahanas says:

    Where do all the tourists who live in the sea houses go to toilet? If all these houses are taken we can imagine so many people going to toilet in this area in the middle of the green water, the main asset there.(as good plumbing system they can use) I think that the luxury is not necessary for such a place. Luxury stay you can find in other places of the planet. In this island a decent hut ON THE LAND AND NOT IN THE SEA HIDDEN INSIDE THE FOREST AND NOT TO CUT THE SEA FRONT TREES TO BUILD HUTS FOR THE TOURISTS , would be fine so that your visitors can enjoy a natural simple stay and have virgin and clean the tropical sea. Cutting up and offering everything for the rich tourist is a two sided knife,. You want to earn the money but you can make wrong choices too and hurt the place, the nature and finally have no success.

  4. GANER BHUBON says:

    your videos of maldives are the best ..i am Ali from london….i allways watch your this lockdown….we are here today on earth..tomorow we all will die..but your videos will remian for others to watch,,,thank you so much sir for making such nice video to entertaint us..

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