Top 10 Best Islands in The World

Top 10 Best Islands in The World

These are Top 10 Best Islands in The world 2009 According to Travel + Leisure Magazine



34 thoughts on “Top 10 Best Islands in The World

  1. Adrian Motley says:

    Why aren’t the Whitsundays on here??????? They are absolutely spectacular and should be no 1! Also New Zealand, Mauritius, Reunion, Seychelles, Fiji? Why aren’t any of them on this list?

  2. GROUND ATACK says:

    this island abroad especially in cold area such as europe ugly tanteless wash cold but beautiful boracay and palawan philipine climate tasty dip

  3. leonels Gabuna says:

    This video is ridiculous. this is purely propaganda just to discredit Philippine islands especially Palawan and Boracay because these islands particularly the former is consistent being the best island in the world for so many years already

  4. Jahna Caindoy says:

    Woah!! How about boracay and palawan from the philippines?!?! You didnt even include them, boracay and palawan are one of the best islands to visit!

  5. Σπαρτιάτης Εθνικιστής says:

    There are more than 2.000 GREEK inhabited islands (more than 6.000 in total) and none of them is in your list???????

    You put Aiolian IslandS in what is today Italy. This islands were a Greek colony.
    Since you put a set of islands, you could also put the Ionian Islands in western Greece.

  6. Blueboy 0331 says:

    What about the "Sea of Tranquility"? When is it going to be in the top ten? The music actually tickles my balls…seriously! I can't stand this. Lol!!!

  7. KENSTASHI says:

    Woah!!! They did not even included the Philippine Islands!!! Didn't you know that the top 1 and top 2 in the best Islands in the world according to an international survey belongs to the Philippines? Top 1, Palawan. Top 2, Boracay… To see it, why not search it in the internet??

  8. Jo-an Puro says:

    try the white sand of boracay island the most tourist spot of the Philippines, may I recommend also the Palawan cebu and bohol.😊

  9. Mitko Ivanov says:

    hahahah i am not hear  that  i see  that i am from bulgaria
    and i go many times in greece
    maybe  you never  go in other country to  Making a difference

  10. Michael Thoms says:

    all islands are nice just because their sightly secluded, but i thinks that Newfoundland, canada is one of the most wonderful and interesting islands i have been too, not many people knows about it but its best kind

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