TOP 10 Cheap Islands to Visit In the World. | Top10xo | Dikshita Bhoi

TOP 10 Cheap Islands to Visit In the World. | Top10xo | Dikshita Bhoi

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Published on 29th July 2020

Island Vacation can be expensive considering accommodation, food, travel, etc.
So, In this video, I’ve included some of the cheap islands to visit around the world just for you.
Stay Tuned till the Entire video because I’ve included:
1. Accommodation Prices.
2. Best Beaches on the Island.
3. Prices of Food and Drinks.
4. Currency used.
5. Best Months to Visit.

1. Punta Cana:
2. Cozumel:
3. Boracay:
4. Maldives:
5. Tioman:
6. Zanzibar:
7. Curacao:
8. Montego bay:

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