TOP 10 Most AMAZING amp LUXURIOUS Hotels Projects YOU MUST

Most amazing and Luxurious future hotels projects
In this video,you will see the TOP 10 most amazing and luxurious hotels projects in the world and you must see them. The hotel industry is changing and in the future it will not be the same. 5 stars hotels are always trying to please more and more to customers.
In your future travels,you know what hotel will the most amazing and luxurious. The industry of luxury will never stop its amazing growth.
Here are 10 hotels projects you should know.

10-Wanda Vista in Chicago(USA)
This impressive skyscraper of 330 meters will change the skyline of chicago forever.Wanda is the biggest hotel and real estate developer in china.
9-Sydney crown hotel and plaza-Sydney (Australia)
-This impressive skyscraper of 272 meters will be the most beautiful skyscaper in australia. over 500 luxury rooms will be available there and there will be epic.A casino and a mall will be included in the project.
8-Royal Atlantis hotel -Dubai(UAE)
This amazing hotel will have an epic architecture and will offer a lot of amenities.A suspended pool ,over 1000 5 stars rooms and private apartment will be available.
7-Paramount Damac-Dubai(UAE)
These 4 impressive skyscrapers of 272 meters each will be amazing.They will have a futuristic architecture and will have over 2000 rooms and private apartments.
6-Padideh -IRAN
This impressive hotel skyscraper of 225 meters will change this city of IRAN.With its height,luxury and architecture,it will be an icon for the country.
5-Al Habtoor city -Dubai(UAE)
Another big luxury project in Dubai is coming.This one will be the biggest to come in Dubai.A new city will be built and 2 supertall skyscrapers will be built there. A westin and a St -Regis hotel will be built there.
4-Fifth tower hotel- Macau(China)
This impressive hotel is designed by Zaha Hadid. From the architecture to the amenities,everything will be from the future.
3-Crescent Hotel-Baku(AZERBAIJAN)
This amazing hotel will have a crescent moon architecture.This building will be amazing and incredible
2-Shimao intercontinental-Shanghai(China)
Built in a abandoned mine it will be one of the craziest mega project in China and in the world. The hotel will have 350 rooms and will have amazing amenities.
1-Dawang resort- Changsha(China)
It will be the most amazing and beautiful hotel ever built in this world.There are no word to tell how it will be beautiful.

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22 thoughts on “TOP 10 Most AMAZING & LUXURIOUS Hotels Projects YOU MUST SEE

  1. Benjamin Davis says:

    10. Wanda Vista-Chicago
    9. Crown Plaza-Sydney
    8. Royal Atlantis-Dubai
    7. Paramount Damac-Dubai
    6. Padid Shaliz-Tehran
    5. Al Hatboor City-Dubai
    4. City of Dreams-Macau
    3. Crescent Hotel-Baku
    2. Shimao Hotel-Shanghai
    1. Dawang Mountain Resort-Changsa

  2. Deus King says:




    這些趨勢導致房地產行業的需求大幅增長,特別是房屋和公寓。中,中段的部門平均價格在200萬到300萬比索之間。隨著這種需求的結果,近年來普埃布拉市已經出現了新的房地產開發項目的出現,其中洛馬斯德薩Angelopolis和前水泥,其中來自其他實體購房的比例,它一直在增加。與此同時,各大開發商都參與了狀態的購物中心,如普埃布拉公園,購物中心140000平方米商業面積由FIBRA Danhos的發展。

  3. Mukasa Umar says:

    Thanks so much it was Dawang mountain resort
    And even the letters improved they are much more clear than before. We appreciate

  4. mauricio echeverria says:

    arabs might have great designs but who the fuck wants to go there when u have south and north America Asia and the other continents

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    Hay I'm a new subscriber and I wanna make videos like these on top 10 things and i would like to know what video editor do u use

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