Top 10 NEW All-Inclusive Resorts Opening in 2020!

Top 10 NEW All-Inclusive Resorts Opening in 2020!

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Are you guys excited for the new year?! Well, you definitely will be after this video as I preview all the exciting new ALL-INCLUSIVE RESORTS OPENING in 2020! Start making plans 🙂 -Vanessa



23 thoughts on “Top 10 NEW All-Inclusive Resorts Opening in 2020!

  1. Jorge Luis Rodriguez Santos says:

    Great video, Vanessa. Any information about Sun Palace at Cancun? They also closed for remodeling… how is it now?

  2. Amber K says:

    Love your videos! New subscriber! Just a little suggestion, it would be cool if the name of the hotel was showing on the corner of the screen (you tell us the features). I kept rewinding to write it down, once the hotel was of interest 🙂

  3. trevor Puran says:

    These vids are awesome. Just discovered your vids this morning and I am loving it. This will help me and my wife a lot as we love to travel all the time. So far I'm loving the vids. Thank you.

  4. Coral Independence in Abundance says:

    Wow, Vanessa, this video is so greatly delivering all what I love to discover! More than well done 👍💕 thank you so much 🤗🌺 I love it

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