Travel Log 5 : Review of Bilal Travels Business Class Bus Service

Travel Log 5 Review of Bilal Travels Business Class

In Pakistan, many transport companies have started their business class bus services, most famous are Daewoo Bus Service, Golden Class | Faisal Movers Business Bus Service | Bilal Travels Business Class and Q Connect Bus Service are there in the market.
They are offering their services in all the major cities in Pakistan. Like Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, Multan, Bahawalpur, Peshawar etc.


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Recently I had a chance to travel into Bilal Travels Business Class Bus Service, I used it for Lahore to Islamabad | Rawalpindi route and it was overall an amazing experience.



37 thoughts on “Travel Log 5 : Review of Bilal Travels Business Class Bus Service

  1. Tahir Sher says:

    Assalam u Alaikum Brother this will always be a problem in Pakistan,unless we educate and train people to communicate with the passengers.Ultimalely this lies on the shoulders of not the management ,but the CEO of the company.If you want a hassle free journey communication and service is the key to become a successful business.Apologies for being a little harsh ,but you also need to communicate with people around you whilst you filiming,especially where women are present.But overall this was an informative Vlog,and In sha Allah may Allah swt bring you success.Amen

  2. Ali Saeed says:

    Yeh auntiaan har jagah mojood hain, i travelled to lhr yesterday and when i inclined my seat, a female sitting behind me asked to straigten it up which i did out of respect. But if we cant incline those seats then what is the purpose?

  3. Ali Saeed says:

    What type of a mature person will have this lunch box, it looks like a childs wishlist. Best lunch box is delivered by Faisal movers

  4. Fly Skill says:

    I had very bad experience too. I travelled from lahore to sialkot by bilal travels 1st of all as usual they are 45mins late and they stopped their bus more than 5 times in motorway to drop of several passengers. Even without any information they move their bus to daska to drop of one passenger only. As my experience they serve 3rd class bus service in high fares.

  5. Haider Ali says:

    Bai jan hum nay be bilal travellers mai safar kiya hai ap kuch cheezou ke bezeti to na karo allah ka shukkar kro or karna chaiyea

  6. Chashman Rosy says:

    Hahahahahah bhai g ap pesay dy k zalil hway ho or khod to ap safar kr rhay ho dosron ka khayal bhi rakho apny to jahaz main bhi msla nikalna hai

  7. Amjid Khan says:

    Bai aap log thande dood ko phooke de rahe ho.shayad aap ne out of country's me bus ka travel nai kiya bai jaan wo to water ka bi nai poochte chae to travel karo nai to nai.aap ka ticket exit kar diya jaega end stand.

  8. Hussam Swagger says:

    bhai ap ke jitne bhi travels vlogs ha bilal travels ki kisi ne itne kam fare me itna refreshment ka saman nai diya

  9. Narender Nagarwal says:

    Why private company running interstate bus service in Pakistan. Basically its a govt job to provide safe and secure transport service to all citizens. If govt run this service it will increase employment to the people, safe and secure job, development to the state. Private company's only motto is making profit and govt motto should be welfare not profit.

  10. Adeel Zulfiqar says:

    Ac on Tha yani k garmi the or jacket to sardi میں pahnta ha or agr sardi he the tu bus Walo na ac ku on Kiya tha

  11. Muskaan Maan says:

    Ap ka koi haq nae banta ….is tarah say video banay ka …agr apko Bilal travels ka Safar nae pasnd ap mat kary …..magr kise ko is tarah sy dunai k samany tamsha mat banay

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