Travel Tips: Airplane Food

Travel Tips: Airplane Food

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Sonia Gil shares some travel tips on the best sites for plane food reviews. Who knew this was thing?! Do you know an airline with great food? Share your best and worst airline meals in the comments below.

Airplane Food Websites:

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26 thoughts on “Travel Tips: Airplane Food

  1. Zhonguoria says:

    Went to an Asian market and bought some sea algae (Americans call it seaweed). Then I packed it with some nuts in a compartmentalized Bento box.

    When airline surprised me by serving steamed FISH, the sea algae complimented the fish perfectly. Best dinner I ever had on an airplane.

  2. Zhonguoria says:

    United / Continental no longer serves food if flight is considered "domestic." Hence, you can fly from Boston to Guam (deemed a US territory) – and get no food what-so-ever!

  3. kamma44 says:

    If your perception of 'sweet' and 'salty' drops 30% at altitude then your own (normal) food would not taste as good?!

    In fact, airplane food which has been purposely modified to account for the 30% drop should actually taste better?

  4. Caféaulait says:

    I really don't understand why so many people hate airplane food.The food that's served on long international transoceanic/transcontinental flights is actually quite good on many airlines.

  5. Nail Art in Wonderland says:

    Turkish Airlines International flights have the best food I've ever tried! No need to pack for something to eat if you are travelling with them 😉

  6. td fisk says:

    Bring your own food, it's healthier. Damn, you can't even escape health freaks at 35,000 feet. I've done a lot of flying in my life, the distance around the globe at least three times. I'll admit that it's been a long time going back to the 70s. The quality of service has obviously gone way down from those very sweet and professional stewardesses to the so call flight attendants who think they are all Air Marshals. I have so many fond memories of flying that I sometimes like to watch videos, especially the meals they provide. From what I've seen, they look every bit as good as they were when I flew. I really loved airplane food. One thing that may not have crossed people's minds is how the environment on the plane can affect the taste of food. Believe me, a nasty feminist stewardess can make the best baked lobster dinner taste like cardboard. Now that flying has been taken over by the Gestapo and KGB, I think most people just want to get the flight over with and hope they won't get stuck on a tarmac for 5 days. I haven't flown since all these so called security measures because sure as hell, one of those TSA becomes too invasive I'd drop him or her in a flash. Messing with my kids and I could have used lethal force. They do all that because we let them. 

    As to Sonia's suggestions for bring food, I'll be more than happy to do that when I start growing feathers. Oh wait, I won't neet an airplane to fly then. 


  7. Ajplus B says:

    Nuts? serioisly don't bring nuts on flights some ppl are EXTREMELY allergic and can have a seisure just by the smell if it so no its not a good idea!!

  8. Sheleen Johnson says:

    Hi Sonia

    Do you think you could do a blog on how to prevent swelling I.e ankles during travel? Not only on airplanes but coaches bus too!

  9. poppy mai says:

    thank you so much for this channel im going greece in a week and this has got me done its going to be like an 10 hour flight

  10. TheDaniAct says:

    I once got ice cream on a flight. Was pretty cool, because the flight was only 2-3 hours long. I also got really good chocolate at the end. Guess that's what happens when you fly on a Swiss airlline

  11. Julie C says:

    airplane food always tastes terrible, especially when I am on a very very long flight and need to eat several meals. It tastes ok at the first time, then the next time, I can't even swallow it.

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