TRAVEL to AITUTAKI, Cook Islands – Welcome to Paradise (Vlog Part 2)

TRAVEL to AITUTAKI, Cook Islands - Welcome to Paradise (Vlog Part 2)

After an amazing few days hanging out in Rarotonga (check out our first episode) it was time to explore another part of the Cook Islands, and a spot that is known for having the most beautiful lagoon in the world, Aitutaki.

We jumped on an Aitutaki day tour from Rarotonga, flying across to the island and spending a few hours on a boat cruise, drinking coconuts, snorkelling with fish and wandering around One Foot Island, home to the bluest water we have ever seen.

For the last few days checking out the best things to do in the Cook Islands, we checked out the Highland Paradise Cultural Show, went snorkelling at Black Rock and tackled the legendary Raemaru Trek right before getting on our plane home.

Travelling to Cook Islands is a fantastic experience, and our trip was one of our favourites in recent years. We can’t wait to return again one day.

Aitutaki Day Tour price is NZ$ 493 per person
Highland Paradise Tour price is NZ$ 110 per person

Disclaimer – We travelled to the Cook Islands as part of a media campaign with Cook Islands Tourism, and our flights were covered by Air New Zealand.

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Things to do in Rarotonga, Cook Islands

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36 thoughts on “TRAVEL to AITUTAKI, Cook Islands – Welcome to Paradise (Vlog Part 2)

  1. Pintu Pandey says:

    Can you share areas where non-swimmers can snorkel and still see diverse marine life (corals and tropical fishes)? Preferably, near resorts/huts. My searches on YouTube so far do not yield results that will pinpoint locations that are ideal for non-swimming snorkelers. Is aquatic life of Aitutaki as diverse as French Polynesia (Bora Bora, Taha'a, Tikehau)?

  2. Itinga Nicholas says:

    I wish I could be this excited about Raro and Aitutaki lol. When you live here, that all wears off pretty quickly. But hey, blessed to be from paradise and glad those from around the world get to enjoy it too.

  3. Jason Bourne says:

    ive lived in Sydney then moved to Cairns and lived there for 7 years now moved back to nz ……good thing about the cook islands ….no box jellyfish or snakes or posionous spiders and of course no crocs all of which are in cairns and Aus …..ive been to fiji travelling for 2.5 months …cook islands look better … thinking of moving there from nz …nice footage guys thanks ,…:))

  4. sebastian martinez says:

    Amazing! it's april a good month without rains to go to rarotonga and aitutaki or it's better may or june? thanks 😊

  5. YATO275 says:

    Your vlogs are very good. Glad you loved my home. Was there in November 2019 to bury one of my family members. Although it was a sad occasion, the island, it’s people and my family made it a memorable one. Can’t wait to go back in November again. Meitaki maata.

  6. Sausage says:

    Awesome vlog! My family and I spent two weeks on Rarotonga (didn't go to Aitutaki unfortunately, as it was a bit pricey) and loved every minute of it! We'd go back in a heartbeat.

  7. Eitiare Uea says:

    Hey guys I’m from the hole of Cook Island born in Hawaii but live in aukland once I watch ur video of Rarotonga just all my memories came to my head miss the Cook Islands thanks ❤️ it

  8. Adrian Zieniewicz says:

    Very nice video. Clean and nice to watch, good commentary without dodgy EDM and 4K/GoPro once in a lifetime adventure oppressive mood ;). It was just good to watch you having a good time in a couple of amazing places. Cheers!

  9. The Lanes - Travel & Reviews says:

    AITUTAKI has the worlds most beautiful lagoon, it’s true
    Apart from the day trip there is nothing else to do but sit back, relax and work on your tan

    Aitutaki is defiantly worth the day trip from Rarotonga

    We stayed in Aitutaki for 3 nights and paid 120 per night on the beach front

  10. Alesha and Jarryd NOMADasaurus says:

    Thanks for watching guys. Hope you enjoyed it. Have you been to the Cook Islands before? Do you want to now? It is a stunning place. Let us know where your next holiday is. We'd love to hear from you. If you liked the video, don't forget to give us a thumbs up. We are bringing out a video every week. See you next week. Happy travels. x

  11. Tuaman080566 says:

    Alesha and Jarryd NOMADasaurus, Absolutely loved both your videos describing our beautiful paradise of Aitutaki and Rarotonga and the many things you can do there Got me a little teary eyed a little watching it as it made me miss it so much, so I can't wait to get back there in December to be with family and friends, God bless.

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