TRIP REPORT | Condor PREMIUM CLASS | Boeing 767-300 | Cape Town to Frankfurt

TRIP REPORT | Condor PREMIUM CLASS | Boeing 767-300 | Cape Town to Frankfurt

Check out my review of Condor Premium economy class on this Boeing 767-300WL full flight from Cape Town to Frankfurt!


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Airline: Condor Flugdienst, DE
Aircraft: Boeing 767-330(ER)(WL)
Aircraft First Flight: 2 March 1994
Flight Number: DE2291
Airports: Cape Town International Airport (IATA: CPT, ICAO: FACT) and Frankfurt Airport (IATA: FRA, ICAO: EDDF)
Date: 5 February 2017
Delay: None
Flight duration: 11h 45mins
Seat: Row 8, Seat 8D
Route: Cape Town to Frankfurt

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50 thoughts on “TRIP REPORT | Condor PREMIUM CLASS | Boeing 767-300 | Cape Town to Frankfurt

  1. Gianna Belsworth says:

    My family uses condor quite often for both business and leisure. One of the only airlines that flies non stop from Arizona to Frankfurt.

  2. James Behrendorff says:

    Hey man, I don't think the interior of a plane counts as a public space quite the same as out on the street or even in the airport terminal. There are a lot a clearly identifiable faces in this video belonging to people who may not want to be in your youtube video. I'm not telling you to quit your hobby, but could you blur the faces to be considerate of people's reasonable expectation of privacy?

  3. TDSC says:

    You can use Condor in the UK but if you fly with Thomas Cook Airlines (Condor’s cousin) then you will get more routes, but you need to watch out for the rented plains by Condor and TC (Avion Express) there seats are terrible, it smells, cabin is quite ruined and it’s a chinese aircraft.

  4. Vlad Piero says:

    I'm supposed to be flying with them in November from Cancun (Mexico) to Moscow (Russia) albeit It's actually from Cancun to Frankfurt with them and then with Aeroflot from Frankfurt to Moscow.
    However, I've read hundreds if not thousands of horrible reports and bad reviews NOT with their in-flight service etc…but with everything else…
    always delayed flights, losing connecting flights, losing luggage, horrible customer service, never give refunds etc…

    Would any of you guys still recommend them (and should I risk it) or should I pay the difference to the next airline which is about $300-400 dollars more depending which I choose…
    Yes, the money is the main and pretty much only reason why I am considering them…I actually had not heard of this airline before a week ago when I started looking for flights!!!

  5. Clint Foster says:

    It's hilarious that people think if they pay a few more dollars for "Premium Economy" or "Business Class." that they deserve the same everything as First Class. Dude, get over it. If you want the same service, food, seats, "amenity kits" as first class, spend the money and fly first class! Otherwise, you have no place to complain about anything. In the rear of the plane, you are just another cow in the herd. In ALL airlines.

  6. Peter Anastos says:

    Surprising for Daniel, really bad audio, could hardly understand what he was saying. Could someone please review the boarding, flight and seat quality of Condor Premium Economy? I am thinking of booking from USA to Frankfurt. Is it good or bad?

  7. Leon says:

    I Would rate 1 because i was at vacation at Kenya mombasa we Booked Business Class but there was no Space avalivble Then we had to sit at godamn Eco Class back of The plane! When we were at air i Can smell it from The toiltets Then i vomited because of The smell!

    ⚠️ Dont Fly Condor, it's disgusting! ⚠️

  8. Thomas Smetana says:

    Condor operate a lot of flights for their parent company 'Thomas Cook' here in the U.K. to cope with extra passengers in the summer. They use their 757-300's, but also have a partnership with Lufthansa to take U.K. Customers via Frankfurt 😊

  9. Faizal Kazi says:

    tbh… you should fly Saudia!!! OHHH AND SEARCH UP "BIG BROTHER 734" and watch the videos by "17Studios" (my other channel)

  10. Letzebourger says:

    So – you are extremely pissed by the catering?
    I was extremely pissed by the sound of your video!
    Tried to understand what you said at 12:30 or 16:30 – nearly impossible!
    You ask for high standards – and you give scrap!

    Next time book Condor ComfortClass – if you can afford ComfortClass!

  11. David Brahms says:

    nice overview, the catering needs some more attention imho. condor really needs to get rid of these museum pieces and order some 787s or 350s.

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