TRIP REPORT | WestJet – 737 600 – Calgary (YYC) to Edmonton (YEG) | Premium Class

TRIP REPORT | WestJet - 737 600 - Calgary (YYC) to Edmonton (YEG) | Premium Class

Welcome to another trip report!

On September 27, I flew WestJet from Calgary to Edmonton in economy. WestJet Airlines Ltd. is a Canadian airline founded in 1996. It began as a low-cost alternative to the country’s competing major airlines such as Air Canada & Canadian Airlines. WestJet provides scheduled and charter air service to more than 100 destinations in Canada, the United States, Europe, Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean. WestJet operates an all-Boeing mainline fleet with over 100 737s.

This was a quick flight, but nonetheless comfortable. The 737-600 is a rare aircraft to fly on because only 69 were built. I wish they would’ve done a drink service to make the video more interesting, but turbulence prevented that. I’d also like to say that they are doing well in their transition from a low-cost carrier to a full-service carrier.

I hope you enjoy the video!

Airline: WestJet
Aircraft: Boeing 737-6CT (C-GWCY)
Seat: 3F (Economy)
Flight Number: WS347
Route: YYC to YEG
Flight Time: 31 minutes
Ticket Price: $550 (including JFK-YYC)
Date of Travel: September 27, 2019


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49 thoughts on “TRIP REPORT | WestJet – 737 600 – Calgary (YYC) to Edmonton (YEG) | Premium Class

  1. Mr Crazy says:

    Молодец ,хорошо снимаешь и показываешь так держать.Подсел на твои видео.По английски не стал писать 😉.Думаю ты русский неплохо знаешь.Здорово и интересно ,хотя я боюсь летать.Спасибо за видос👍.

  2. Kiero Kiero says:

    Hi. I'm subbed to your channel. Keep on with the amazing videos! An interesting flight would be a flight on Air Inuit Boeing 737 or Boeing 737 Classic.

  3. All Of Aviation says:

    Hey QFS, Im making a aviation music video and I was wondering if I could use some of your footage? I will give your credits.

  4. Javan Hamilton says:

    A -600 flew over me here in Houston while waiting at the car dealership last year, and I swore I saw a unicorn.

    ETA: DAMMIT, I wish I had shot a video like this on my Spirit flight last March. It was a business trip from Houston to Tampa and back, but the worthy flight was the one back. A child of WN (Southwest), it was my first time flying Airbus–it was an A321 both ways–and my first time flying another airline since 2002; a loved one used to work for American, was furloughed after 9/11 and then got on with Southwest the following year. Yeah, my flight back to Houston was nice, turbulent and rainy.

  5. Coke Cans And Winglets says:

    Only 37 seconds in and that is the first time I have seen an airport use a Disney World parking lot tram to get between terminals, nothing against it but it is very unusual.

  6. Carlos Emm says:

    Side note, this is the old product. Westjet is refurbishing it’s 737-600 fleet with the new 2×2 configuration, cabin dividers, curtains, Westjet Connect, Recaro seats in Y and extra lavatory.

  7. igotanM16 says:

    Boeing stopped making the -600 shortly after they bought McDonnell-Douglas. And found it cheaper and easier to rebrand the MD-95 as the Boeing 717-200. Which was also pretty much a failure.

  8. Timothy Simpson says:

    Hello and nice trip report! I grew up in Edmonton and have flown with several airlines back and forth both ways over the years. I can remember Pacific Western early morning flights where they would serve you a full breakfast on board! Now, all they offer now is a glass of water and a cookie, LOL last flight I took, we were pretty much almost landed by the time they finished passing around the trash bag around. I was on a DHC-400 and it was full! But Westjet continues to be a good airline and I prefer them over Air Canada any day. 😀

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