Turkish Airlines 777-300ER ORD-IST – the BEST economy class food!

Turkish Airlines 777 300ER ORD IST the BEST economy class food

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I’ve been watching Turkish Airlines like a hawk over the past few years trying to find a way to try their amazing business class product, but I couldn’t resist the great deal I recently found for economy class from ORD to IST on the 777-300ER. I regret not trying them sooner, as it was a really great flight, with quite possibly the best food that I’ve ever had in economy class.

I had seat 40A (exit row bulkhead) for this 10 hour flight, and the aircraft registration was TC-LJH.



37 thoughts on “Turkish Airlines 777-300ER ORD-IST – the BEST economy class food!

  1. Doug McGaghie says:

    Have you been through the airport in Turkey for a layover? I have a 3 hour layover there on my way to Ukraine. Do you think that is enough time?

    Thank you

  2. Sameed Khan says:

    Only 4 are my favorite Airlines
    1. Emirates
    2. Qatar Airways
    3. Etihad Airways
    4. Turkish Airlines
    Most of them is Emirates
    I love Istanbul and Dubai a lot

  3. Ameerkat says:

    I’m going to go on Turkish airlines for the first time to my home country on economy

    I’m excited to see how good it will be and also excited to taste the food!

  4. Bryan Adams says:

    Might as well put you in the washroom! Lol When it says "Anytime" on the menu. Can that be in addition to your meal or alternative? So, if your still hungry, the stewardess will whip up a cheese sandwich for you?

  5. Ansh Malviya says:

    This video was amazing. I regret that why didn't I watched this when it was uploaded. PS- you have a great taste in putting music in your videos. Loved the music in this video.

  6. Mike Parker says:

    That meal was bigger and better than I have ever had on Singapore Airlines Premium Economy(both on the B777-300ER or the A350ULR-SIN To LAX nonstop).

  7. Desi Kartoos says:

    [email protected] are you serious "the BEST economy class food!". Sir, you must be drunk when flight crew serve you THE ECONOMY CLASS FOOD.

    Turkish Airline in flight the food is GARBAGE, SMELLY, LUKE WARM, TASTE LESS Minced Beef Kaboob. For the last 4 years Turkish Airline is using is same fucking menu, MINCED BEEF KABOBOOB and Marconi and Cheese for decoration a thin piece of tomato in middle. I am sick of their in flight menu. I want to PUKE, just tinkling of Turkish Airline in flight meals, Sir food is TERRIBLE, SHITTTTTY, SMELLLY, TASTE LESS… YAKEY.

    Tired Crew, no enthusiasm for customer services. Meals are served Luke warm. At times compare to other Middle East Airlines tickets are cheaper and in special promotion let take 3rd bag free. That's the only reason Asian people FLY with Turkish.

  8. Shubhodeep Chakravarty says:

    Hey, nice video. Just wanted to know if that seat and the leg room is worth getting no or very little window? Don't mind the noise though. Flying IST to JFK, 11 hours but would love a glimpse of nyc from above.

  9. Jivan Moulandi says:

    I have a Kuala Lumpur – Istambul – Buenos Aires (via Sao Paolo) coming up this summer will be my longest journey by plane by far longer than my trip from EU to Australia, glad to fly Turkish! when I flew to Japan with them I was amazed by the food as well

  10. Julie Smock says:

    Flying out of O'hare to Egypt in August., your video was a really big help. It's my first trip overseas and I am nervous. Thanks so much for your video

  11. TheJoker says:

    is turkish airlines safe? my parents are about to fly turk and i really worried. is it safe, any crashes? i have been doing research. i see some crash new and terrorism.

  12. John Speer says:

    Never flown TK internationally, but did enjoy their lounge @ IAD via Priority Pass – well worth getting there early before the PP shut off time!

  13. Angela says:

    Thanks a lot for the vid. Especially for ”stable” picture and doing the texts instead of trying to talk throug all the noise etc. We might get opportunity to flight to SA and TA is one of the options. Im deffinetly more than willing to experience that one. And YES the meal is the most important part on flight 🙂

  14. AvTweet says:

    Well made video. Let me explain why and tell you my input on EVERYTHING.
    First up, you have the introduction. A little lengthy, but that's fine. What I would have done is have you say all of that and maybe blend it into a voiceover to the video of you walking. When you say Chicago to Istanbul, put up the thing that says ORD-IST Turkish Airlines 777-300ER and all that. That way, by the time you get to the plane, you can immediately go into talking about the aircraft. I don't know, just a personal preference. It might have shortened down the video time as well and have made it more concise.
    I know you've flown on Icelandair, but I saw WOW Air on the screen at 2:20 and it reminded me to tell you to PLEASE fly WOW Air. I have a friend who is absolutely obsessed with this airline and I keep trying to give her as much info as I can about it, but I can't tell personal opinions as I have never flown on WOW Air. It seems to me like WOW is going to go defunct within the next year or so, so flying on it is very time-sensitive if that is on your bucket list.
    I despise the color scheme on the interior of the aircraft. The seats are a periwinkle shade of blue. That in itself is fine. What is not fine is the fact that the headrests are BRIGHT RED. That contrast is not pleasing to the eyes! I mean, I get that it is their color scheme, but what I would have done is pull a Delta and just put their logo on the side with a design going through the headrest that is similar to what the design is on their aircraft, a swooping flower.
    I love the fact that they give you an actual headset in economy instead of a pair of earbuds. That really adds to the experience and is a sign that they care about passenger comfort. They also offer amenity kits, which is far superior to anything an American carrier can give you.
    The Turkish Airlines safety videos have always been my favorite, prior to the Lego safety video they had Zach King do his little "magic" spiel. It really enraptures the audience into whatever they want to convey through the safety video.
    The fact that Turkish Airlines has a menu really sets it apart from its American counterparts. I love the design of the menu, which relates to their logo with the swooping flower. Relating to the menu is the food. The food looked amazing. The fact that they placed that much food on a platter with TWO meatballs swoops me away. The rice looked very good for an airline, and they also offered two sides, which is much more than most carriers will offer.
    When you showed the "boring part," I would have done a voiceover on the seating of Turkish Airlines. For example (Taken from SeatGuru): "The Turkish Airlines Boeing 777-300ER economy class cabin is set in a 3-3-3 configuration, with each seat offering 31 to 32 inches of seat pitch and 18 inches of width. There are 300 seats in the economy class and 49 seats in business class, which is placed in a 2-3-2 configuration."
    The restroom looks very nice, very clean. I love the mirrors in there, although it might be awkward if you look at yourself while using the toilet. If you're going to join the MHC, I'd say do it in that restroom because of how grand it is. What's in the restroom is standard, soap, lotion, an impossible-to-use sink.
    I love those snippets you put in between videos with the quotes. "To the right and ALL the way back…" "Excuse me, I think you forgot to heat up my meal…" It really adds a cinematic air to the report.
    The views upon landing are phenomenal. Maybe not as good as Hawaii, but the ocean with the lush green forests offers a nice contrast. The skyline in the background adds to the picturesque view.
    I remember in some of your other videos there is a summary near the end, and that was lacking in this one. Near the end with the business class, I was kind of disappointed. While it is certainly business class, it resembles Condor's business class, which is a very mediocre business class. In my opinion, this is where the American carriers beat Turkish to the ground. Almost all of the US airlines offer a 1-2-1 configuration of some sort, whether it is a herringbone, reverse herringbone, or a 767 configuration. All of them are working on making their aircraft's business class a 1-2-1, other than the domestic product like the 737 or A320, in which they just keep a recliner. The recliner is good to a point. Once you're competing with the JetBlue Mint product, you need to step up your game significantly.
    When going internationally, you really can't beat the Middle Eastern carriers. Many US carriers claim that the ME carriers are stealing their profits. I believe, however, that the ME carriers are going to put themselves out of business. There are so many to choose from now that at some point one of them is just going to sink lower and lower until they are put out of business. My best guess is that this carrier is going to be Etihad, since it is lesser known than Emirates, Turkish, or Qatar.

    I enjoyed this tremendously and I look forward to your next tripreport.

  15. The Next Flight says:

    A very interesting flight report. Apart the food I think 3-3-3 economy cabin layout is a great added value on a long haul 777 flight. Few airlines still have on their 777 fleet. TK is an excellent carrier. Thank you for sharing!

  16. nidaliti says:

    Predatory behavior against American citizens shutting down gates early so they can charge you $500 extra fees this is a normal practice for Turkish Airlines

  17. Bradley Noneofyourbizz says:

    Spent 17 hours on an A380 DFW to SYD. We paid extra (only AU$60 both ways!) for exit row seats. On the A380 the over the wing exit's evacuation slide is loaded in a compartment in the fuselage. So no big hump sticking out of the door.

  18. KL612 says:

    Great video! The ATS here in Chicago isn't broken, it's undergoing construction M-F until some time next year 🙁 I hope you had a great stopover in Chicago!

  19. Brendan Berkhout's Travel Videos says:

    Hi Scott! Another great video, really enjoyed it (as always). Brought back memories of my IST-BOS IAD-IST flights about 4/5 years ago. For me it was also one of the best Economy meals there is.. The only downside to my flights was the crew, barely a smile and not the best in English unfortunately (and my Turkish isn't very good unfortunately). Shame the second meal wasn't heated well, or maybe it was heated but got cold by the time they got to your row!
    Awesome seat and legroom for this flight. Although the lack of a well placed window and being close to the busy galley would make me think twice about getting this seat. Although I am 2 meters tall so all the extra legroom is more than welcome lol..

    Thanks again!


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