United Airlines B777 First Class San Francisco to Honolulu (oldest B777 in the world!)

United Airlines B777 First Class San Francisco to Honolulu (oldest B777 in the world!)

You can read my review of this flight here: https://theluxurytravelexpert.com/2017/11/08/review-united-b777-first-class-hawaii/

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28 thoughts on “United Airlines B777 First Class San Francisco to Honolulu (oldest B777 in the world!)

  1. Johannes Bols says:

    13:39 – please forgive the jocular tone of my comment regarding whether or not pilots of commercial airliners are trained to land on water… it appears to me cockpit crew are so well trained, they could give the cabin crew an unexpected break by performing the meal service in super model high spiked heels whilst dancing The Limbo backward, and burping a one month old infant.

  2. Norma Cascio says:

    When my late husband and I got married way back in 1976, we went to Hawaii for our honeymoon (4 islands, 2 weeks). We flew United Flight 5 from JFK @ 12P. The plane was a 747 and it was a very smooth, comfortable flight. We had flown other aircraft after that but it just didn't compare to the 747. It was a beautiful plane to look at and see in flight. Again, thank you for the video and information you provided. Will be looking forward to your review of the Royal Hawaiian; we stayed there when we went back to Hawaii the following year (my 2nd trip, his 3rd). Take care and happy flying.

  3. Mary Hlad says:

    My favorite aircraft is the old DC-10. My mother and I flew aboard a DC-10 when we flew from Chicago to Los Angeles when I was 15 years old.

  4. rei. sawamura says:

    What is the taste of the ice cream that came out on the way?

    If you get a chance, I'd be happy to write about the taste as well.

    I'm looking forward to more great videos in the future.

    I'm looking forward to seeing more of your videos.

    From Japan.

  5. Javier Antequera Quijano says:

    Look I can maybe understand that you prefer the 747 looks over the A380, but I don't think the A380 is ugly at all, I love its looks too.

  6. Joyce Stewart says:

    If you are so nervous of flying over water what on earth (or the sky) are you doing on that flight in the first place. It was an awful cabin – do hope you didn't pay the full first class fare for that. Abysmal.

  7. David Landovsky says:

    First edition 777's to United fitted with PW4084 engines. Possible engine replacement during that time, but definitely not GE.

  8. Samantha Crossland says:

    Jesus, I love flying so much omg. My favorite airline is US Airways, and your United Airlines. The big Airbus and Boeing planes r just huge 😊

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