What Airline Has the Best Meals?

What Airline Has the Best Meals?

One of the best things about taking a flight is when they offer you some free food. Yeah!!! Well, let’s have a look at the best airlines meals anyway, as, actually, they have come a long way… and they’re actually not so… plane.

At number 10 we have EVA Air
EVA Air enjoys changing their meals every month to surprise their passengers. So we pretty much get to taste a different menu each time we fly with them. You also get to choose between chocolate or fruit pound cake, and in some routes also get a special treat from the French bakery PAUL.

Number 9, Lufthansa
Lufthansa has been named a 5-star airline by Skytrax and best airline in Europe. So you can only expect a nice meal, right? They change their menus regularly, offering the passengers drinks services, a three-course meal with two hot mains to choose from, plus salads, dessert and hot drinks. And sometimes, on international flights, they include a “typical” of the region you’re visiting.

Number 8, Cathay Pacific
This Hong Kong-based airline has been named the world’s best airline numerous times, and now it’s in the ranking for the best airline food. They offer everything from local to international dishes. You can enjoy shredded pork, braised chicken thighs or penne pasta, as well as starters, desserts and hot drinks. And also special diet meals, such as low-salt or vegetarian options.

Number 7, Austrian Airlines
It doesn’t matter if you have a local or an international flight, you’ll enjoy a range of drinks including Austrian beers and wines, also on longer flights you will receive a snack or breakfast before landing. You can also order a special à la carte menu in advance for €15 (around $17) with wiener schnitzels, tapas, mezze or Japanese dishes.

Number 6, Singapore Airlines
In this airline, the meals are tasty and varied, with a huge range to choose from. All the way from post-weaning, baby meals for children, to vegetarian Indian dishes, seafood meals and low-fat options.

Number 5, Japan Airlines
In this airline, the economy class meals were designed by six young chefs from RED U-35, Japan’s largest culinary competition. The airline also collaborates with popular restaurants in Japan to keep menus current, and they change regularly. You can taste sautéed mushroom soup, bento in the sky and Hamburg steak with fettuccine. And there’s even a self-service snack corner, in case passengers get peckish.

Number 4, Qatar Airways
Their meals in economy aren’t only tasty, but well presented too. The trays, mugs and boxes are 99% recyclable, adding an eco-friendly dimension. You can try fresh salad starters and regional dips, and can then choose between three main courses, including a light option. Typical dishes could include Indian pakora or Malaysian chicken curry. There is also a wide range of special meals.

At number 3, Asiana Airlines
Asiana Airlines offers classic Korean dishes. As well as a selection of drinks, and Korean specialties such as yeongyang ssambap, a delicious vegetable wrap with an assortment of nuts and sauces. Or sample podubu bossam, which consists of smoked pork and thinly-sliced tofu served with vegetable wraps.

At number 2 we have, Turkish Airlines
Turkish Airlines won awards, over the years, including Europe’s best airline. Their meals are delicious. On short-haul flights, passengers get sandwiches, olive oil-based starters and desserts, while on longer flights they offered dishes from all over the world made with fresh, seasonal ingredients. There’s also breakfasts, and sometimes a snack service too.

And at number 1, Thai Airways
They base their flavors on Thai cuisine, but there are also other options from around the world. They usually cook with seasonal fresh ingredients, that support and provide livelihoods for the local Thai farmers. There is always a choice of main course, as well as fresh salad, bread, fresh fruit or a dessert.

What was your best airline meal?
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30 thoughts on “What Airline Has the Best Meals?

  1. Vessy Chukalova says:

    Air France ??? They have an amazing food served on board for free… whoever did that video obviously have not best experience with airlines… emirates are one of the best … everybody knows that 😃 u didn’t even mention them …Lufthansa? Pfff please…bread with cheese 🤭😂 if that’s good food… I prefer to pay Ryanair for food instead eating dry sandwiches 🥪

  2. Irade Ibrahim says:

    You can't even imagine that how better is the Azerbaijian Airlines. That is best and first for me and everyone who flyes with it😍

  3. Timo Kautto says:

    To me:
    Lufthansa: good food ad loooots of drinks
    cathai p: quite ok
    Austrian: ok
    Qatar: high quality food, servish ok
    Asiana – no thanks
    Turkish – oh yes! Must admit (unwillingly) that their food is second to none these days.

    Where are BA, Qantas, and as a budget airline Air Serbia?

  4. 75ur15 says:

    Haven't had a meal on an airline worthy of being called "best", but you did give me GOOD news. I fly turkish airlines in under a month on a 12 hour overnight international flight.

  5. Francine Sicard says:

    Apart from low-cost airlines which I never fly with, I have had pretty good experience with different airlines. But the worse was a Swiss Airlines long-haul flight, Business Class, absolutely horrible. A scandal!

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